Beer Keg Tracking Software With QR Code / Barcode / NFC Scanning

Track kegs as you send them to the distributor, receive back in the brewery, clean, refill, store filled keg in the warehouse. Use smartphones running iOS or Android, android tablets or iPads for barcodes / QR codes scanning and data entry. Check kegs location and track movements of each keg. Check how long each keg had been at the distributor location and what type of beer it is filled with. Make sure that all your kegs are accounted for, are not misplaced or lost.

Track Beer Kegs Through The Brewery Production Cycle

Scan QR code / barcode / NFC tag on the keg with a smartphone to track kegs through the entire production cycle: from cleaning to refilling area to warehouse, distributor and back to the brewery. Web dashboard provides a real time view of the kegs: where each keg is located, what style of beer it is filled with, its life-time history, how long it had been at the current location. Receive alerts if keg is not returned on time, reduce kegs loss.

Keep A Record Of All Kegs-Related Information

Utilize QR Inventory's custom fields to keep all keg-related information that you need on record. Create custom mobile forms that employees will fill out on a smartphone when performing a transaction. You can have different forms for different transactions (e.g. specify details on cleaning, beer style on filling, keg's conditions on return, etc.). All forms are optional - you decide which information to collect, save and include in the reports.

Modern Keg Tracking Software Utilizing New Technologies

QR Inventory utilizes new technologies: QR codes, mobile, cloud, smartphones - to make beer kegs management efficient and affordable. QR code scanning immediately identifies a keg and eliminates entry errors. Employees can use their smartphones to record keg transaction, fill out information on the spot. No need to purchase additional hardware, and all transactions are recorded as they happen. The data are stored in a secure cloud, eliminating a need for purchasing and maintaining your own server. Web dashboard provides authorized employees with the real time view of kegs status from anywhere.

Easy Kegs Labeling And Entry

Generate and print QR code labels for the beer kegs using built-in QR code generation tool, or use existing barcodes / QR codes. You can use NFC tags as well for faster scanning, and android smartphones as NFC readers. Label and enter new kegs into the system at the same time, by scanning QR code label with a smartphone and filling out mobile form.

Kegs Statistics

Have a clear picture of the kegs cycle time, rotation through different distributors, and beer style usage.

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