Produce Traceability Software: Food Traceability With QR Code Scanning

Produce traceability from field to sale

Produce lot number tracking and traceability is a requirement for many produce growing, packing, distribution and processing businesses. QR Inventory software will help you track and trace fresh produce efficiently by using smartphones for qr code / barcode scanning and data collection. Make sure that the produce cold chain is preserved using IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system.

  • Track produce lots / batches from the growing stage to harvest, packing and distribution.
  • Use QR code or NFC tagging to easily track produce lots through the process by scanning the tag with a smartphone.
  • Collect traceability information on each produce lot on site on a smartphone using mobile forms.
  • BLE IoT module of QR Inventory software provides an option to automatically monitor produce temperature and humidity conditions using IoT sensors and gateways.
  • Receive instant alerts if temperature or humidity conditions go out of acceptable range. Prevent produce waste and spoilage, and have digital temperature and humidity logs readily available for the food traceability compliance.
  • Send all collected traceability documentation from the mobile devices to the centralized cloud software platform, access on demand from anywhere. Filter records by multiple parameters to quickly find required documentation.
  • In the case of a problem that requires a recall, quickly find where each produce lot had been distributed.
  • Analyze collected data to find and eliminate the reasons for the produce problems and recalls.

Produce Tracking and Traceability With Barcode / QR Code Scanning

Your produce traceability program starts from the field where produce is growing, or as you receive produce from the supplier. Label individual product lots with the weather proof permanent QR code labels or NFC tags, and track all operations done during the growing season, from fertilization to pruning to applying pecticides, by scanning the label with a smartphone and filling out mobile forms.

During the produce harvest time, label containers with the pre-printed QR code labels, transfer all data collected during the growing time by scanning QR code on the produce lot, and collect any additional information on site using mobile forms.

Continue lot tracking and data collection process through the subsequent produce workflow stages: delivery, packing, processing and shipping to the customer. Join the produce supply chain at any point, and track produce operation through your part of the supply chain efficiently using mobile devices and barcode / QR code scanning.

Automatic Produce Temperature And Humidity Conditions Monitoring

Ensure that produce is safe to use by monitoring temperature and humidity conditions through the entire produce supply chain, from harvest to use in the final product or client delivery. QR Inventory software provides an option to automatically monitor temperature and humidity conditions using a network of IoT sensors, and a Bluetooth IoT gateway or a smartphone. You can remotely access temperature and humidity logs in real time remotely via a QR Inventory software web dashboard.

Receive automatic alerts if the temperature or humidity conditions are above or below a threshold set for the product. Ensure that correct temperature and humidity conditions were maintained through the entire process, and have digital logs securely preserved in the cloud for the compliance documentation.

Centralized Cloud Platform With Real Time Data Access

All produce traceability information collected in the mobile application, as well as recorded temperature and humidity conditions are sent to a centralized cloud software platform. Authorized produce traceability software users can access up to the minute live information from anywhere via a secure web dashboard.

Produce Lot Splitting And Data Transfer

During the produce flow from field to sale you may need to subdivide bigger produce lots into a smaller ones. For example, you may have the same operations done on the entire produce field, but during the harvest time you may track part of this lot differently due to the differnt pick dates, transportation conditions, etc. QR Inventory software allows you to easily transfer traceability information collected on the bigger lot to the smaller ones. All you need to do is scan a QR code to copy all information collected up to date. You can then proceed with collecting more information on each individual smaller lot using mobile devices for QR code scanning and data collection.

Use Mobile Forms For Produce Quality Control And Food Safety Inspections

Food safety and quality control inspections is an essential part of any produce processing businesses. Using QR Inventory software you can fill out food safety and quality control paperwork on site on the smartphones or tablets. You have an option to link data collection mobile forms to the produce processing steps, so that company employees know which form should be filled out on each step. Include clarifications, and optionally image(s) to the mobile form to explain what needs to be checked and how, and avoid employee errors.

Records submitted via mobile forms are stored in a secure centralized cloud location, and can be accessed on demand as needed. Administrator can create pdf report based on the completed mobile forms, store pdf reports off site and e-mail to the selected addresses.

Lot Traceability Through The Entire Supply Chain - Blockchain Traceability Solution

Food traceability usually does not start and stop within your company. You probably buy raw ingredients or pre-fabricated food products from other suppliers, and / or perhaps you are shipping the product to the customer who is not an end user. When each supply chain company records traceability information in it's own internal traceability software system at best, and using paper and pencil at worst, each company needs to do more manual work and it is still impossible to get the entire traceability picture.

Our Shared Traceability solution, which is based on blockchain technology solves this problem. It allows companies within a supply chain network to share traceability data, so that all supply chain partners have an immediate access to the complete, end-to-end traceability information. Shared Traceability can be used as an add-on to QR Inventory or as a stand alone product. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about Shared Traceability or would like to try it out.

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