Facility Assets Management With QR Code Scanning

Use mobile application and QR code scanning to streamline facility assets management, from assets tracking to assets audits to assets maintenance and repairs. Use web dashboard to review real time facility assets status and reports.

  • Manage facility assets efficiently using mobile application with QR code / barcode scanning for the field tasks, and cloud web interface for the the real time view into the facility assets.
  • Organize, categorize and label facility assets. Keep all required assets information organized and readily accessibly to authorized QR Inventory users.
  • Track facility assets purchase, installation, transfer within and between buildings, repairs, damage and disposal.
  • Conduct periodic facility asset audits within each building and separate areas of the building. Use mobile application and QR code scanning for efficient and fast audits.
  • Track facility assets maintenance and repairs on site using QR code scanning and custom mobile forms.
  • Create and use checklists for the facility routine maintenance tasks and inspections.
  • Receive assets preventive maintennace reminders, automatic alerts on the problems and service requests.
  • Review current facility assets information on demand, from anywhere, via the web dashboard.
  • Create customized analytical / statistical reports, use these reports to optimize facilities management.

Manage Facility Assets: Organize, Label, Track

As a facility manager, you need to keep track of multiple asset categories. The asset groups may include facility assets, such as HVAC equipment and lighting, office assets, such as desks and chairs, IT equipment, such as computers and printers, and many more. QR Inventory software allows you to organize and categorize all facility assets. Use QR Inventory built-in QR code generation tool to generate and print QR code labels for the assets. Label facility assets and enter them into the system on site using mobile application and QR code scanning, or bulk import assets list.

You determine what information you want to keep for each asset group via the web dashboard. Company employees will be able to enter the required information in the mobile application or via the web dashboard, and review asset information at any time by scanning a QR code label.

Track Facility Assets In Real Time Using Mobile Application / QR Code Scanning

QR Inventory mobile application allows company employees to track facility assets in real time, on site, using smartphones for QR code / barcode scanning. Track assets purchase, transfer of the assets within and between buildings, assets installation, repairs, damage and disposal, and anything else you need. QR Inventory software lets you create custom transactions, so you can easily adjust assets tracking process to your requirements.

For each asset transaction you can collect additional information - you control what information to collect, if any, via the web dashboard. Collected information can include images taken with the smartphone camera, and signatures collected on a smartphone.

Facility Assets Audits Using Mobile Application And QR Code Scanning

Verify that facility assets are in place by conducting periodic asset audits. Audits can be performed in the entire building or separate areas of the building. Multiple employees can conduct asset audit at the same time in their respective areas.

QR Inventory mobile application makes audits fast and error-free - employees scan QR codes on the assets in the area they are responsible for with a smartphone. They can check scanned batch for the accuracy and submit to the cloud at any time.

QR Inventory software tabulates submitted results, and creates raw data reports and discrepancies reports - so you can immediately see if there are any missing assets.

Documenting Facility Assets Maintenance And Repairs Using QR Code Scanning And Mobile Forms

Mobile data collection module of QR Inventory software allows you to create custom mobile forms and checklists for recording facility assets maintenance, service and routine inspections. Use intuitive web interface to create and manage mobile forms with multiple advanced capabilities: various form controls, images and signature fields, scan-in fields, auto-scan checklists, repeatable sections that can be inserted into the mobile form on demand as needed, etc. Check out more details on the mobile forms capabilities.

Maintenance technicians scan QR code on the facility or equipment they are working with, access relevant mobile form(s) / checklist(s), fill the form on a smartphone or tablet and submit to the centralized cloud location in real time.

Real Time Assets Information Access With QR Code Scanning

QR Inventory mobile applications makes the work of the facility maintenance personnel more productive. Field technicians can access all information on the facility assets: specs, documentation, drawings, instructions, recent service and maintenance records by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.

Immediate access to the information ensures that technicians do not waste time by trying to obtain required information calling office or co-workers, and complete facility assets repairs efficiently and without delays.

Tracking Facility Supplies And Inventory

With QR Inventory software you can easily keep track of the facility supplies, materials and parts. Maintenance technicians can track materials, parts and supplies that they pick up in the warehouse, store in their service trucks and use on the job.

If a technician needs something, he can immediately check where the required parts or supplies are available, and get them from the closest location. A field technician can also send a reservation request to the warehouse manager to hold supplies and materials that he needs for a job.

Facility Assets Reports And Statistics

Administrative web dashboard allows authorized personnel to access all facility assets information on demand from anywhere. Check assets location, relevant information and lifetime maintenance / service history. Filter record by multiple parameters to quickly find what you need. Check materials and supplies stock, transactions and usage history. Review analytical / statistical reports, customize them to fit your needs. Use analytical data to make better facility management decisions.

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