Produce Traceability Software: Produce Lot Number Tracking With QR Codes

Use a mobile application and QR Codes for produce lot number tracking from picking / receiving to shipment. Store collected produce traceability documentation in a secure cloud for easy searching and on demand access. Achieve end-to-end traceability without physical paperwork.

  • Track produce lot numbers through the entire process, from picking / receiving to the client shipment with a smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning
  • Collect all required data on each produce batch on a smartphone using custom mobile forms
  • Do produce tracking and data collection on site efficiently without distractiong employees from the main job
  • Use smartphones for the lot numbers scanning, data entry and look up in the field or on the shop floor
  • Produce traceability records collected on a smartphone in the QR Inventory mobile application are sent to a secure cloud in real time
  • Authorized employees has live access to the produce in the process and historical produce data
  • Quick access to the lot information, production history and distribution locations in case of a problem or recall
  • Improve your produce processing business operations using customizable reports and data analytics

produce tracking with qr codes

Real Time Produce Lot Numbers Tracking With A Smartphone

  • Track produce lot numbers through the entire production process using a smartphone for barcode scanning, data entry and look up.
  • Collect required produce traceability data as the produce lot moves through the production steps.
  • Define what information to collect via the intuitive QR Inventory software web interface.
  • Create custom mobile forms that company employees will be able to download on their mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) and use for on site produce traceability data collection.
  • Produce traceability data collected in the QR Inventory mobile application are sent to a secure centralized cloud location and are available to the authorized QR Inventory system users in real time.
produce tracking with smartphone

Produce Traceability

  • Trace each produce lot number back to its source. Scan a lot number QR code to review and update a produce lot details.
  • Track lot numbers of the ingredients that go into the intermediate and final products. Use QR code / barcode scanning to eliminate entry errors, and smartphone as a scanner.
  • Quickly find common ingredients / production process details of the affected products in case of a problem. Use this information to pinpoint a cause of a problem and locate other products that may be affected.
  • Find lot numbers that could be affected by the problem and where these products where distributed to issue a recall. Use QR Inventory software produce traceability reports to limit the scope of recall only to the affected products.
  • Maintain accurate records of the entire produce processing process, find required produce traceablity information fast using multiple search filters.
produce inventory management

Track Produce Stock In Multiple Locations

  • Track produce inventory stock in the multiple field, storage and produce processing locations using a smartphone.
  • Get an accurate, real time picture of the produce stock. Set up low inventory alerts to make sure you do not run out of ingredients.
  • Keep track of the expiration dates and make sure you are processing produce with the closest expiration date first.
  • Get produce receiving and usage statistics, monetary value of the produce inventory stock and produce transactions.

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