Inventory Purchase Orders Software: Automate Purchase Orders Management

Automate inventory purchase orders management with QR Inventory software purchase orders and invouces module. Purchase orders are created automatically based on the inventory stock levels, and are automatically updated as you receive inventory. Spend less time on manual purchase orders entries and make sure you don't run out of stock and ordered inventory is delivered on time.
inventory management linked to purchase orders, invoices

automate purchase orders

Automate Purchase Orders Management

Automate purchase orders creation based on the pre-set minimum and maximum inventory stock levels.

  • Set minimum and maximum inventory levels in the QR Inventory software.
  • Purchase orders are created automatically when inventory stock falls below the minimum level.
  • Purchase order inventory quantity is automatically calculated based on the maximum inventory level.
  • Inventory is grouped by vendor, one purchase order per vendor is created.
  • You receive an e-mail alert when new purchase orders are created.
  • Review auto-created inventory purchase orders via the QR Inventory software web interface, do manual corrections to purchase order if needed before submitting it to the vendor.
automate purchase orders

Automate Purchase Order Inventory Fulfillment Tracking

Make sure that you receive all purchase order inventory on time. Review at a glance inventory fulfillment status on the outstanding purchase orders.

  • Receive inventory in the field or warehouse using a smartphone for barcode scanning, and purchase order is automatically updated.
  • Use QR Inventory mobile application for the QR code / barcode scanning and fast processing of the incoming purchase order inventory.
  • Alternatively, update purchase order via the web dashboard, and inventory stock will be automatically updated.
  • Check purchase orders inventory fulfillment status at any time via QR Inventory Software web dashboard. See at a glance purchase orders status, and unfulfilled inventory on all outstanding purchase orders.
  • Set a due date for the purchase order, and receive automatic e-mail alert if some inventory items on the purchase order were not received by the due date.
automate purchase orders

Automate Used Inventory Invoicing

  • Create invoices with a few clicks based on the inventory transactions recorded in the QR Inventory software.
  • Select a client to invoice, date range, optionally project or job - and all parts and materials that were used for this project and / or client are added to an invoice automatically.
  • Review created invoice, do manual edits if necessary before submitting it to the client.
  • Monitor payment status, see at a glance which invoices are not paid or overdue.

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