Supply Chain Tools To Collect Data: Smartphones, Mobile Forms, Blockchain.

Gain real time visibility into your supply chain flow with shop floor data collection using smartphones. Pass on traceability information between corporation through the entire supply chain using blockchain technology.

Track products and collect traceability data through the entire supply chain. Use smartphones as data collection tools for the efficient, paperless process.

  • Improve operations efficiency by eliminating manual processes and physical paperwork.
  • Track products through the entire supply chain, accross corporate boundaries, using blockchain technology. Pass on traceability information to your next supply chain links, up to the final product consumer.
  • Track products transofmations, such as mixing, splitting or conversions during the manufacturing process.
  • Do all tracking and data collection on the shop floor using smartphones for barcode / QR code scanning and filling out mobile forms.
  • Send data from the mobile devices to a centralized cloud location in real time.
  • All authorized employees have live visibility into the current operations, stock levels, WIP inventory, projects progress and collected documentation.
  • Customize the process to fit your business.
  • Analyze collected data to forecast demand, see trends and correlations. Find and correct the possible causes for the production problems and production process bottlenecks.

Supply Chain Traceability

Use mobile data collection on the shop floor for achieving complete traceability.

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Traceability Through The Entire Supply Chain Without Physical Paperwork.

With QR Inventory mobile application you can track product batches / lots through the entire supply chain using smartphones for data collection. Shop floor employees track product lots, collect all necessary data and observations, and fill out mobile forms using smartphones for barcode scanning and data entry. You control what data to collect and what forms should be filled out on every process step via the admin web dashboard.

Collected traceability data are sent from the mobile devices to the cloud in real time. All team members have a live view of everything in production, as well as historic documentation. There is no manual process, no physical paperwork, your employees spend minimal time collecting traceability information, and you always have up-to-date documentation at your fingertips.

Make life easier for your customers as well. Blockchain technology allows you to pass traceability data through the supply chain accross corporate boundaries in a secure manner. With blockchain technology, your next supply chain links do not have to re-enter traceability information into their respective systems. They have it available and can continue collecting data, which are in turn available to the next supply chain link, up to the final product consumer.

Tracking Products Transformations Through The Supply Chain Flow

Easily handle assemblies building, products mixing, splitting or conversions.

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Traceability Through Assemblies Building And Products Conversions

Every product batch undergoes transformations as it goes through the production process. Building of assemblies or mixing of ingredients results in a new product batch with its own traceability data. Some processing steps splits original product lot into several different products. For example, cheese making involves separating coagulated milk into curds and whey. The process of coffee making involves coffee cherries pulping, which results in two separate products: coffee beans and cascara. Finally, sometimes a product is converted into a different one during the process - for example raw milk is turned into pasterized milk.

QR Inventory allows you to easily track such products transformations and maintain traceability throught the supply chain. Shop floor employees just need to scan original and final products with a smartphone, and collect all required traceability data on the mobile device. The system links the products into one chain, and you can always trace each product and all it's components to the origin.

Shop Floor Data Collection For Inventory Management

Track inventory through the entire supply chain, from raw materials received in the warehouse, to work in progress inventory to finished goods shipped to the customers.

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Track Inventory From Raw Materials To Finished Goods

With QR Inventory your employees can easily record all inventory (components, parts, materials and supplies) as they receive them from the vendors and use in production. They can use their own smartphones (BYOD) or company issued mobile devices to scan barcode or QR code label, record a transaction and collect any additional information. You define what information needs to be collected and reported via the web dashboard.

All inventory tracking and data collection is done in real time, in the warehouse or on the shop floor. Recorded transactions immediately update inventory in a central database. All stakeholders have an immediate access to the current inventory stock levels, and inventory locations - from inventory storage to work in progress inventory to finished goods.

Supply Chain Workflow & Documentation

Track and document every step of the production process on the shop floor. Replace physical paperwork with digital documents, accessible on demand from anywhere and easily searchable.

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Use Mobile Data Collection For Tracking And Documenting Production Process

Track product batches / work orders / projects through the manufacturing process from start to finish. You define workflow and steps via the web dashboard, and your employees track products through the process on the shop floor using mobile devices. All stakeholders have full viaibility into the current projects and progress via the web dashboard.

Collect all production data, record observations and fill out quality control / product testing forms on a smartphone using custom mobile forms. Each mobile form can be connected to the specific production process step(s), or used independently for the discrete processes, such as recording of equipment calibration or maintenance.

In addition to accessing collected data and documentation online via reports, you can create custom formatted pdf reports for clients, outside auditors or internal distribution.

Control Supply Chain Data Collection Via The Web Dashboard

Control what data do you want to collect, record and report.

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Customize QR Inventory To Fit Your Business Workflow

QR Inventory is very configurable, so you can easily cadjust it to your business process and workflow. Configure almost all aspects of your supply chain management process via a web dashboard, including:

  • How to track inventory: by SKU, lot number / batch number, serial number or combination.
  • What traceability data to collect on every steop of the process.
  • What inventory transaction you need.
  • What data to collect for each inventory transaction.
  • How do you want to track assemblies building.
  • Create custom mobile forms.
  • Create custom workflows, define steps.
  • Create custom pdf documents based on your MS Word templates.
  • and more...

Supply Chain Reports And Data Analysis

Get actionable insights from the collected data with custom reports and advanced data analytics.

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Use Collected Data To Improve Your Business Process

All production process data collected on the mobile devices, from used inventory to project steps and stages to filled out forms, are securely stored in a centralized cloud location. Authorized admin users can access reports on live projects status and progress, detailed workflow history of all past projects, inventory stock, inventory transactions and usage, all filled out forms and collected information.

In case of a problem or recall, all traceability information is at your fingertips. You can drill down complex assemblies to find lot and serial numbers of used parts and materials, find what products used specific ingredient batch (in case of a problem with this batch), which products passed through a certain station, used a specific instrument or container, etc. Find all affected products, where and when they were distributed in minutes.

Advanced data analytics (in progress) will help you make use of the collected information to forecast demand, identify trends, improve business operations efficiency, and pin-point the possible cause(s) of the problems that led to a recall.

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