Deliveries Tracking Mobile Software: Track Deliveries With Mobile Applications And QR Codes

Track all types of deliveries: job site deliveries, medical equipment deliveries, rental equipment deliveries, consumer deliveries in reusable containers with easy to use mobile application and QR code scanning. Collect electronic proof of delivery - take photo(s) and collect signatures on a smartphone. Review deliveries log in real time via the web dashboard.

  • Mobile platform for deliveries and pick ups tracking, consisting of the web interface and mobile application for android and iOS
  • Use mobile application and QR code scanning for fast, real time deliveries and pick ups tracking
  • Collect any information you need on deliveries and pick ups using mobile forms
  • Obtain proof of delivery by taking photo(s) with a smartphone camera, collect signatures on a smartphone
  • Submit all data collected on the mobile devices to the secure cloud in real time
  • Access and download real time delivery logs on demand via the web dashboard / reports
  • Use multiple filters to quickly find required deliveries records
  • Get meaningful insights into your business operations with analytical reports, statistics and graphs

On Site Deliveries Tracking With Mobile Application And QR Code Scanning

Use QR Inventory mobile application for QR code scanning, recording deliveries information, obtaining proof of delivery and sending data to the cloud in real time.

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Reliable Real Time Deliveries Tracking

Whether you need to track materials and equipment deliveries to your company (e.g. job site deliveries), deliveries to your customers, or both, you can do it efficiently and reliably with QR Inventory mobile application. Use QR Inventory mobile application to:

  • QR code / barcode scanning to quickly identify delivered items.
  • Record all required information on delivery: location, customer, project, etc. using mobile forms.
  • Take photo(s) of the deliveries for visual documentation, and attach to delivery record.
  • Collect signatures for the deliveries on a smartphone.
  • Submit delivery records from the mobile devices to the cloud in real time.
  • Delivery date, time and an employee who performed or accepted delivery, as well as delivery GPS location is recorded automatically.

Tracking Deliveries In Reusable Containers

Track any kind of reusable containers: coolers, beer kegs, gas cylinders, totes, racks, etc. with QR code scanning. Make sure that all containers are returned on time and are accounted for.

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Track Reusable Containers With QR Codes

Always know where the containers are, who has them, when they should be returned, and how long they had been at each location. Identify and record damages to the reusable containers using electronic checklists.

  • Generate and print QR codes for reusable containers with QR Inventory built-in QR codes generation and printing tool.
  • Scan QR code labels with a smartphone to track each container through it's life-cycle: delivering to a customer, pick up, drop off at the warehouse, cleaning and washing, refilling, storage, etc.
  • Record any additional information for each transaction using mobile forms.
  • Create a checklist to examine containers upon return, identify deficiencies.
  • Take photos with a smartphone for visual documentation, and collect signatures on a smartphone.
  • Access reports on containers location, days at each location, rental fees if applicable, transactions history, inspections via the web dashboard.
  • Analyze containers utilization using analytical reports.

Real Time Deliveries Log And Analytical Reports

Use a secure web dashboard to review and download real time delivery logs, review electronic proof of delivery. Get meaningful insights into your business operations using analytical reports.

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Real Time Deliveries Reports On Demand

Use web dashboard to review and download all information about deliveries and pick ups:

  • Real time deliveries log, searchable by multiple parameters.
  • All collected information for each delivery.
  • Electronic proof of delivery, such as photo(s) and signature(s).
  • List of assets / equipment / containers at each location.
  • Historic location of the assets / equipment, how long an asset / equipment had been at each location and the rental fees if applicable.
  • Statistical reports and graphs on assets / equipment usage and utilization.

Customize Deliveries Application To Fit Your Business Workflow

QR Inventory gives you the flexibility to customize many aspects of the delivery tracking application to make sure it fits your business.

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Tracking Deliveries Based On Your Business Model

No matter what kind of deliveries and pick ups you need to track, you will be able to set up QR Inventory to fit your business model. These are some of the aspects of the deliveries tracking that you can define via the web dashboard:

  • What information / documentation to store for the items you track and deliver.
  • Your own steps / life-cycle for the returnable items (e.g. delivery, pick up, return to storage, processing, re-filling, etc.).
  • What data should be collected when items are delivered / picked up.
  • What kind of electronic proof of delivery you want to collect.
  • Custom inspection checklists for the returnable items.
  • Custom reminders.
  • Customizable reports.
  • and more ...

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