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Accounting Module For QR Inventory Software: Automate Purchase Orders & Invoices

Link inventory management to accounting using QR Inventory software
Accounting module for QR Inventory software automates your purchasing and invoicing process, significantly reducing manual monitoring and data entry. Purchasing and invoicing is integrated right into your inventory management. Purchase orders are created automatically as inventory stock reaches reorder point, and inventory is replenished when purchase order is received. Create invoices with a few clicks based on the inventory transactions. Keep track of purchase orders fulfillment and payments on invoices.

Inventory Purchase Orders

Make sure that you always have required materials and parts in stock, and that you are not over stocked.


Automate Purchase Order Creation

Configure QR Inventory to create purchase orders automatically when inventory stock falls below reorder point. QR Inventory automatically breaks inventory by vendor, and creates separate purchase order for each vendor. QR Inventory calculates how many units of each inventory item you need to order to reach your desired maximum inventory on hand, and fills it in. You can verify purchase order and make changes if needed before sending it to vendor.

Monitor Purchase Order Status

Monitor purchase order status online. Mark entire purchase order as received, or enter received inventory individually if you receive purchase order in parts. See at a glance which purchase orders are not fulfilled yet, what inventory do your have on ourstanding purchase orders.

Automatically Update Stock

As you mark off inventory on purchase order as received, inventory stock is automatically updated and corresponding inventory transaction is created.


Automate clients's invoicing for parts, materials and labor - generate invoices with couple of clicks based on the inventory transactions.


Automate Invoicing

Create invoices in several clicks based on the recorded QR Inventory transactions. Select project or client, time range - and all parts and materials that were used for this project or client are instantly added to the invoice. Edit manually if needed and submit. No need to look up what was used for a project in one software (or, even worse, spreadsheets or manual notes) and manually retype everything into another software. Save time and avoid errors with automated invoicing process.

Monitor Invoices Online

Monitor status of invoices online. See at a glance which invoices are outstanding, and which ones are overdue. Enter payments.

Purchasing & Invoicing Reports

Keep accurate records of your purchasing and invoicing. Find needed documents fast using various filters: dates, customer, vendor, inventory items, etc.

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