Modern Inventory Management:
QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Mobile Inventory Management And Asset Tracking: Business Solutions

stock control
Multi-Location Inventory Management With Barcode Scanning
QR Inventory makes multi-location inventory management accurate, simple and affordable. Employees record stock movement by scanning QR code or barcode labels with a smartphone, and can review inventory stock and locations in the field. You have an accurate real time picture of inventory stock and complete accountability.
mobile equipment maintenance software
Equipment Maintenance With Mobile Forms
Using QR Inventory your employees can record equipment maintenance, repairs and service on their smartphone, as well as review recent repair / maintenance events. They scan QR code / barcode on the equipment label to access information and forms to fill out. Maintenance records are submitted and stored in a secure cloud, never misplaced or lost.
mobile data collection and access
Mobile Data Collection & Access In The Field
Streamline your data collection process in the field by using mobile forms. Your field employees can collect any type of data using a smartphone or a tablet, as well as access important information on the equipment or infrastructure by scanning QR code or barcode with a smartphone.
workflow with barcode scanning
Workflow Tracking, Traceability, Mobile Forms Data Collection
Efficient real time data collection and workflow tracking for custom manufactures, labs, R&D and engineering companies. Track everything in production live using mobile devices for QR code / barcode scanning and data collection.
asset and equipment tracking
Mobile Asset & Equipment Tracking
If you need to track field equipment and assets QR Inventory has you covered. Check assets in, check out and track assets relocation in the field in real time by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Access assets location and transactions history from anywhere.
stocktaking software
Stocktaking & Physical Inventory Counts
Do complete or cycle inventory count, stocktaking in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. Employees take stock by scanning QR codes or barcodes on inventory with a smartphone, submit collected data to the cloud.
mobile audits
Mobile Audits & Inspections
Create inspection forms, audit checklists via the web interface, and your employees will access them in the field by scanning QR code on the equipment, property or infrastructure with a smartphone. Employees fill out forms on their smartphone, can take and attach photos and submit data to a secure cloud.
Tracking assemblies
Tracking Assemblies And Work In Progress
Keep track of your custom manufacturing projects. Track raw materials, parts that you produce and finished assemblies. Check progress, calculate what materials you need to order / manufacture to finish the project.
track tasks completion
Tracking Tasks Completion
Create a checklist for the tasks that need to be completed via the web dashboard. Employees access list of tasks by scanning QR code, check off completed tasks on their smartphones. Get alerts if tasks are not completed on time.
Produce Traceability, Lot Number Tracking
Use QR codes, mobile forms and a smartphone to achieve end-to-end produce traceability. Track produce by lot number / batch number, trace ingredients of the final product back to the origin. Quickly find all products that include an ingredient with the specified lot number and where these products were distributed.
self storage inventory tracking
Tracking Inventory In Storage, Pick Ups & Deliveries
If you are in a storage / logistics business, use QR Inventory to track what you have in storage for each client. Quickly locate client's containers in the warehouse, track how long they were stored. Track check in, check out, pick ups and deliveries.
automate purchase orders invoices
Automate Purchasing And Billing
If you are using QR Inventory with accounting module, your purchasing and billing is fully automated. Purchase orders are created automatically based on the current stock levels. You can create invoices with a few clicks based on inventory transactions for a client or project.
fixed asset audits
Fixed Assets Audit
Verify assets location by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Conduct local or company-wide audits. Get real time comprehensive reports on missing, lost or damaged assets.

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