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A connected cloud - mobile software for inventory management, asset tracking, mobile data collection, workflow tracking and traceability.

Cloud Inventory And Asset Management With Mobile Data Collection And Barcode Scanning

Increase productivity, eliminate errors, get real time visibility into your business process and change manual paperwork to the digital records with AHG software products.

inventory asset management

QR Inventory: Inventory Management & Asset Tracking

QR Inventory is an online inventory and asset management system with mobile inventory tracking. Use regular smartphones or tablets for barcode / QR code scanning, data collection and look up to track assets and inventory in the field. Process inventory transactions using a smartphone, and instantly submit to a centralized cloud location. All authorized employees can access assets and inventory data in real time, in the office via a web dashboard and in the field on the mobile devices.

Make sure that QR Inventory works for your business - adjust all aspects of your inventory and asset tracking process via a web dashboard. Create custom transaction types, custom fields to hold information on the assets and inventory, inventory variants, transaction properties, mobile forms for the field data collection, assets and inventory storage locations, and more.
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mobile data collection forms

QR Mobile Data: Field Data Collection With Mobile Forms

QR Mobile Data is a mobile data collection and access software, which can be used together with QR Inventory or as a stand alone system. Using QR Mobile Data you can collect, record and report any kind of data on the assets, equipment, property or any other business objects in the field using smartphone or tablet. For example, you can track projects or production processes through the stages, fill out quality control forms, do inspections, record equipment service and maintenance, report asset conditions and damages, and more. Your employees have a two way communication in the field: they can collect and submit information using mobile forms, as well as access item information and recently submitted records.

You are in a complete control of what data to collect and what data your employees should have access to. All collected information is submitted to a centralized cloud storage location, and is available to all authorized employees in real time.

Use QR Mobile Data for project management, production process and business operations tracking, inspections and audits, equipment service and maintenance, meter reads, service requests, field reports, and more. If your business workflow requires that your employees collect and access information in the field, QR Mobile Data will increase your operations efficiency, productivity and streamline information flow within your company.
mobile asset tracking for leased equipment

QR Inventory Leased Assets Edition

QR Inventory Leased Assets Edition is an online asset management software targeted towards tracking company assets that are leased out / rented out to the customers, or are assigned / loaned to the company employees.

Use QR Inventory Leased Assets Edition to track assets check outs and check ins, rentals and returns, assigning an asset to the employee, and other asset events (e.g. receiving new assets, sending assets to repair, performing routine maintenance or discarding obsolete or damaged assets). Track each asset by its serial number, and assets inventory (how many assets of a certain type you have in each location).

Use mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) to enter, update and track assets in the field and at the customer location. Use regular barcode scanner when mass processing assets in the office (e.g. receiving, shipping to the client). Access assets location, life-cycle history and other critical information via a web dashboard from anywhere.

Built-in assets reservations system allows you to reserve assets for the upcoming events and projects, on the smartphone or using a web dashboard.
mobile stocktaking software

QR Audit: Stocktaking, Inventory Count, Assets Audit

QR Audit allows you to take physical invendory and conduct asset audits in hours rather than days or weeks, and always have accurate results that are not misplaced or lost. Employees do physical inventory counts, stocktaking or verify asset location by scanning QR code or barcode on the items with a smartphone. They can see a running batch on the smartphone screen, make corrections if needed and submit to the server at any time.

When audit is completed, QR Audit compares scanned data with assets or inventory that should be in this location, and produces comprehensive reports.

You can use QR Audit together with QR Inventory or as a stand alone physical inventory count software.
b2b mobile ordering

QR Code Based Mobile Ordering For B2B

QRwave mobile application allows your customers to place restocking orders with you by scanning QR code or barcode labels on the items with a smartphone. You control the process via an admin web dashboard: manage products, generate and print QR code labels, check submitted orders. You can use QRwave along with QR Inventory, or as a stand alone B2B mobile ordering software.
qr code labels and qr code asset tags

QR Code Inventory Labels & Asset Tags

We provide complete solution for your inventory labeling / asset tagging needs: QR codes generation from the variety of data formats, labels layout and printing, manufacturing of the durable asset tags, and QR code software for dynamic data access.

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