Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Why Inventory Tracking With QR Codes: 16 Reasons To Use QR Inventory


Connected Cloud-Mobile Inventory & Asset System

Keep your data in a secure cloud and make sure nothing is misplaced or lost. Your employees can access real time asset and inventory information from anywhere, on the computer or mobile device.

Track Out-Of-The-Office Assets And Inventory Using QR Code Scanning

Track assets and inventory on site in real time using regular smartphone (running iOS or Android) and QR code scanning. Data are sent to a secure cloud and are immediately accessible to all authorized users.

Your Scanner Is Always With You

No need to carry around bulk inventory management hardware, such as barcode scanners and mobile computers. Your employees always have the scanner in their pocket to collect or look up necessary information. Save money on purchasing inventory management hardware. Get collected data in a centralized cloud location in real time, no matter where your employees are.

Use QR Codes, Barcodes Or NFC Tags

QR codes, barcodes and NFC tags. Use existing barcodes / QR codes, or generate and print QR code labels for your assets and inventory using built-in tool.

Fit For Your Business

Easily adjust QR Inventory software to your business. Define what do you want to track, record and report via easy to use web interface. Create custom fields, transaction types and properties to accomodate your workflow.

Custom Mobile Forms To Collect Data

Create custom mobile forms via the web interface, and your employees will be able to fill them out on their smartphones when processing asset and inventory transactions. Include anything that you need to know: project, job number, client, item conditions, due date, etc.

Custom Fields To Hold All Informations You Need

No matter what types of assets or inventory you are dealing with, you can define what information do you want to store and access using custom fields. Information can include image(s) that you can upload via a web interface or take with a smartphone.

Scan QR Code To Instantly Access Critical Information

Your employees have immediate access to information they need - all they need to do is scan QR code label on the asset or inventory with a smartphone. Information may include asset specifications, instructions, operating manual, drawings, image(s) and anything else you need.

Product Status Tracking And Traceability

Track product or project through the stages, collect data for every stage on site using custom mobile forms. Trace back to identify all steps and materials involved in the final product.

Track by SKU, Batch / Lot Number Or Serial Number

Define how you want to track assets and inventory. Track inventory by SKU, batch or lot number. Track assets individually by serial number, and assets inventory by asset type / category.

Track Assets, Inventory In Multiple Locations

Whereever your inventory and assets are located, you can track them using QR Inventory software in real time. Locations can include permanent storage, such as warehouse(s) or office(s), temporary locations, construction sites, job sites, service vans, client sites, employees and anything else you need.

Collect Electronic Signatures

Use a smartphone or tablet to collect electronic signatures for inventory transactions. Store signatures in a centralized cloud location, review any time along with the transaction reports.

PDF Documentation

Create PDF receipt of the transaction in the field, include all data that you need plus collected signature. Define receipt lokk and layout via custom template. View, print, e-mail from a smartphone or tablet. Download via a web dashboard using reports.

Easy Setup, Initial Stock Count

Initial asset tagging, inventory labeling and data entry can be a long and painful process. Not with QR Inventory!
QR Inventory software has multiple built-in options for generating, downloading, laying out and printing QR code labels that will work for any situation. You can scan in assets and take inventory stock while labeling items.
Are some of your assets or inventory items already labeled with manufacturer's barcode? You can use existing UPC barcodes as well - no need for re-labeling.

Additional Modules To Extend QR Inventory Functionality

Multiple modules that you can add to extend QR Inventory functionality. Maintenance and Service will help you keep track of assets repairs, service and maintenance. Assemblies & kits module allows you to build multi-level assemblies and keep track of what is included, calculate how many assemblies you can build using on hand inventory and what do you need to order to build a required number of assemblies. Audit module streamplines physical inventory count and assets audit. Using assets reservation module you can reserve assets for the future events and trade shows. More modules are available - select just the right combination to fit your business process.

Flexible Hosting Options, Customizations, Integration

Even though QR Inventory software covers a lot of bases and is far ahead of the competition, we do realize that every business is unique. We are ready to work with you to customize QR Inventory should you need any modifications to fit your specific situation and needs. This can also include integration with your ERP / accounting system.
QR Inventory is an online hosted solution, but if you prefer to host QR Inventory on your network - no problems. Of course, you can also host on our servers specifically designed for this type of applications and serviced by qualified personnel, the choice is yours.

Continuous Improvements

We are listening to your feedback, and are adding new features to QR Inventory on a regular basis. With our cloud hosting you get all upgrades automatically as they become available.

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