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what business problems you can solve with QR Inventory

If you are spending too much time on the manual tasks, lost in the documentation and paperwork, need to optimize your business process, having trouble keeping track of inventory, assets and equipment - see how QR Inventory can help.

Real Time Inventory, Asset And Equipment Tracking

Accurately track inventory, assets and equipment in real time whereever you are: in the field, on the job site, in the service trucks, on the shop floor, in the warehouse or in the office.

You will find this section especially useful if your employees do any kind of jobs outside of the office, whether these are construction sites, oil & gas drilling sites, customer locations, shop floor, customer deliveries or any other out-of-office location.

Tracking field equipment on the job sites in real time

Problem: Cannot locate field equipment, do not have an accurate record of who used it, where and when.

QR Inventory Solution: With QR Inventory you will be able to easily monitor equipment location and usage history. Your employees will record equipment check in, check out and what project it is being used at by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Employee name, date / time and GPS location of the scan is recorded automatically. And if you want to have a continuous automatic equipment location tracking, new bluetooth beacon tags addition to QR Inventory will allow you to do this.

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Keeping track of inventory stock in multiple locations (field or warehouse)

Problem: If you are a field service company, with the inventory located in the employees' service trucks, on the job sites, warehouse, customer sites, etc. it is not an easy task to keep track of inventory in all these locations with the traditional desktop, or even web-based inventory systems.

QR Inventory Solution: QR Inventory is a mobile inventory management system, which makes tracking inventory in multiple field locations an easy task. Your employees can record inventory transactions fast as they happen by scanning QR code or barcode label with a smartphone. Inventory transactions recorded on the mobile devices update inventory in the central database in real time - so you always have an accurate inventory count in all locations, field or warehouse.

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Keeping track of work tools: tools check in and check out, assignment to projects, calibration and maintenance

Problem: No accountability for who is taking tools and how they are used. As a result, valuable tools are missing, damaged or lost.

QR Inventory Solution: QR Inventory provides an accountability system for the work tools with no overhead. Employees record tools check ins and check outs by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Optionally they can fill out a form indicating the project the tool is being used for, and any other required information. As a results, you know where each tool is, who is using it and what do you have available in the tools crib at any given time. You can also use bluetooth beacon tags for automatic real time tools tracking without a need for employees scan tools in and out.

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Keeping track of leased and rental equipment, loaned demo units

Problem: No reliable way to find out where leased / loaned equipment is, what does each customer have, how long the equipment had been in the customer's possession and what is available for lease / loan.

QR Inventory Solution: QR Inventory gives you an easy way to record equipment leases, loans and returns by scanning QR code labels and filling out mobile form on a smartphone or tablet. You can record all transactions and all data that you need to keep track of, and access real time information from anywhere via the admin web dashboard.

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Lot Number Tracking, Traceability And Assemblies Building

Achieve complete traceability without physical paperwork. Track lot numbers / serial numbers of components used in the finished product, batches of finished product and their distribution.

You will find this section especially useful if you are a custom manufacturer, food manufacturer or processor, or in any other kind of bisiness that requires traceability and / or creating items sold to the customers out of materials, parts, components or ingredients.

Tracking lot numbers / serial numbers, achieving traceability and staying compliant

Problem: Lot tracking requires a lot of paperwork that distracts employees from their main tasks. We are spending a lot of time on the manual data collection, and are still having problems when we need to find required information for an audit or a recall.

QR Inventory Solution: With QR Inventory your employees won't need to fill out physical paperwork or spreadsheets. They will enter lot information on a smartphone, and track where and how it is used by scanning QR code labels. All collected information is sent to and is securely preserved in a centralized cloud location - no need to re-enter anything. All authorized employees have an immediate access to all documentation, and can search records by multiple parameters to quickly find required information.

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Keeping track of building complex, multi-level assemblies

Problem: We create on demand orders consisting of complex multi-level assemblies, and do not have a reliable way to control and monitor the process on the shop floor.

QR Inventory Solution: With QR Inventory you can track everything on the shop floor in real time using regular smartphones (or, if you prefer, android-based mobile computers) for barcode scanning, data entry and look up. QR Inventory lets you track used parts, components and materials (by SKU, lot number or serial number), project progress, who did what when, collect additional information on each project step and fill out inspection checklists / quality control forms. All collected information is immediately sent to a centralized cloud location, so that all stakeholders have live access to everything in production.

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Paperless Field Data Collection - Taking Care Of Paperwork Without Physical Paperwork

Use mobile forms for digital data collection in the field, on the job site, on the shop floor and all other out of office locations. Store collected documentation in a secure cloud for just in time, on demand access from anywhere.

This section will be useful for you if you need to fill out any kind of forms as part of the job, preserve collected documentation and quickly find required documents when needed.

Using mobile forms for safety audits and checklists

Problem: We need to conduct safety inspections on the regular basis, and need a system that will allow us to do it on site, will make this process fast, efficient and error-proof.

QR Inventory Solution: Create audit form(s) / checklist(s) that you need via the web dashboard, and fill them out on site on the mobile devices. Identify an object for which you are filling out the form by scanning QR code, so there are no mistakes. Send filled out forms to the cloud in real time. If you have no data connection, fill out forms offline and send to the cloud all at once when connection becomes available.

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Using mobile forms for inspections and quality control

Problem: We need to do inspections / quality control on multiple steps of our production process. Need to be able to fill out forms on the shop floor and link to the specific work order / production step.

QR Inventory Solution: With QR Inventory you can create custom inspections / quality control forms, and link each form to a specific production step. Your employees will be able to check which form(s) need to be filled out on the current step by scanning QR code, fill out required form(s) on the smartphone and submit to the server. Just by scanning a QR code an employee links a form to a work order and production step, so there are no errors and mix ups.

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Using mobile forms for field data collection

Problem: We need to collect various types of data in the field and report back to the office in a timely manner. We do not have a reliable way to do this, so there are production delays and miscommunications that affect our ability to do the job.

QR Inventory Solution: With QR Inventory field employees can collect all kinds of information on their mobile devices using custom mobile forms. They will be able to attach photos taken with a smartphone camera, scan in QR codes / barcodes, capture GPS location and signatures. The report is sent to the secure cloud in real time. Authorize employees have an immediate access to all field reports and can act on them without delays.

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Using mobile forms for tracking equipment service and maintenance

Problem: We do not have a proper documentation for equipment service and preventive maintenance. When something needs to be fixed, field technician does not have an access to what had been done before, and have to re-invent the wheel.

QR Inventory Solution: With QR Inventory field employees can record equipment service and maintenance by scanning QR code and filling out mobile form on site. Scan of QR code shows all equipment information, including specifications and previous service history. You can configure custom reminders and receive alerts when equipment preventive maintenance is due.

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Workflow, Production Process Tracking And Documentation

Track work orders / projects / product batches through the production steps using smartphones for barcode scanning and data recording. Access live status of everything in production, and detailed history of the past projects.

This section will be useful for almost any business. As long as you have defined processes in your business, workflow tracking part of QR Inventory will help you ensure that procedures are followed, you know the project progress and each item status, and have well organized documentation. Whether your process is creating a complex, multi-step orders for the clients, completing a construction project, or tracking documents flow between departments, using workflow part of QR Inventory will be beneficial for you.

Following standard operating procedures

Problem: We need to make sure our employees know what to do next for each process. If a wrong step is done, it causes production delays and costs us a lot of money.

QR Inventory Solution: With QR Inventory you can create custom workflows, define steps and provide instructions for each step. Employees just need to scan a QR code to find out the project status, what needs to be done next, if they need to fill out any forms and if so - which ones.

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Access to the projects / products / work orders progress

Problem: We need to know live status of all onging projects and make it accessible to all authorized personnel.

QR Inventory Solution: An employees who does the job and moves a product to the next step just needs to scan QR code to record this. Information on the current project status, who did what, employee names, dates and times is sent to the server and is readily available to authorized employees.

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Creating and accessing production process documentation

Problem: We need to create a lot of documentation for our production process: from recording steps to collecting data to filling out quality control forms. Need a way to do this efficiently, in minimal time, and to make sure that all documentation is securely stored and is readily accessible.

QR Inventory Solution: With QR Inventory you can define custom workflow and steps, and attach mobile forms for data collection to each step. Employees on the shop floor use mobile devices to access current status, fill out required forms and move project to the next step. All collected documentation is sent to a secure centralized cloud location, is accessible on demand from anywhere and is easily searchable. You can review data online, download as .csv files, or create custom PDF documents for the customers or external auditors.

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Access To The Real Time Information

Make sure all authorized employees, whether in the field or in the office, have an immediate access to the information they need to do their job. This section will be useful if you have a dispersed workforce, in the field and in the office, all of whom need an access to the same real time information.

Giving employees an access to the just in time information

Problem: We have employees in multiple field and / or office locations, and need them to be able to have access to the same real time information. Need a centralized data storage, accessible to all employees in real time for data update and review.

QR Inventory Solution: Unlike desktop system, with QR Inventory you can access and submit information from anywhere, using mobile devices in the field or computers in the office. All employees have an access to the same up-to-date data, no matter where they are: in the office, in the field, on the shop floor, on the job site or any other location.

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Real time communication between the field and the office

Problem: We have no reliable communication between the field and the office, which leads to wasted time and production delays.

QR Inventory Solution: With QR Inventory, field / office communication is automated and happens in real time. All information collected on the mobile devices, as well as changes done on the office computer, update central database in real time. Once information is updated, it becomes available to all authorized users, on the mobile devices in the field and computers in the office.

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