Work Tools Tracking With QR Codes And A Smartphone

Work Tools Inventory Management Using Smartphone / QR Code Scanning

QR Inventory will help you effectively manage work tools in the field, tool crib, construction sites and warehouse without purchasing expensive inventory tracking hardware. Use regular smartphones to check tools in and out, verify employee status before issuing a work tool, enter required information, take photos and collect signatures. Access tools real time location and transactions history from anywhere. Keep track of tools warranty expiration and maintenance.

Use Smartphone / QR Code Scanning For Real Time Tools Tracking

Track work tools and equipment anywhere (in the field, tool cribs, construction sites, warehouse, etc.) using regular smartphones for QR code / barcode scanning, mobile data collection and look up. Check tools in and out, report tools damage, record sending tools to repair and return by scanning QR code or barcode label with a smartphone. Define what data you need to collect on tools issue and return, and employees will be able to record all necessary data on their smartphone when processing tools transactions. Use smartphones to take photos for visual documentation and collect signatures.
Upload list of employees and verify employee status before issuing a tool.

Cloud Tools Inventory Management - Real Time Data Access

All tools information submitted in the field via the smartphones is saved in a secure cloud, and is available to authorized users in real time anywhere. Access real time tools location, history of tools check outs, check ins and repairs via a web dashboard. Identify tools that were not returned on time and employees who checked them out last.

Keep Track Of Tools Warranty Expiration And Maintenance

Keep work tools and equipment in the best shape, extend tools useful life. Set custom reminders to make sure you never miss scheduled tool maintenance. Set alerts on other important events, such as warranty expiration.

Tools Serialization And Inventory

Use serialized tools and equipment information to track life-cycle history of each individual tool. Access total inventory of the specific tool type (e.g. power drill), check how many are out in the field and how many you have on hand for check out. Set alerts and receive automatic e-mail when tools inventory falls below minimum quantity and you need to order more.

Tools Reservations

Make sure that you have adequate tools supply for all future jobs. Reserve tools for the specific jobs or projects, and QR Inventory will ensure that employees can not check out tools that will be needed for the future project(s). Check if enough tools are available for the upcoming reservations, and if not - what is missing.

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