Warehouse Inventory Management: Tracking Inventory On The Pallets & In The Containers

Easily manage inventory in the moveable storage units, such as pallets, skids, totes or containers. Move pallets and containers within a warehouse, shipyard or job site using barcode / QR code scanning and a smartphone. When you move a pallet or container, all inventory inside this pallet or container moves along with it.

QR Inventory Containers Module

  • Manage inventory in the moveable storage units, such as pallets, skids, totes or containers.
  • Record what you put in and take out of containers by scanning QR code / barcode labels with a smartphone.
  • Move containers within the warehouse, shipyard, between the job sites by scanning QR code / barcode label on the container. When you move a container, all inventory inside a container moves along with it.
  • You can have amulti-level containers (container within bigger container, etc.)
  • Find out what is inside each container in the field by scanning QR code / barcode on the container with a smartphone.
  • See at a glance where your containers, what is inside them, and check where inventory items are (e.g. warehouse A, unit B, container #1234)

QR Inventory Containers Module - What Do We Get With It?

Containers module of QR Inventory lets you create storage units (containers, skids, pallets, totes, etc.) that are locations and items at the same time.

As locations, they can contain inventory items, as well as other containers. You can record putting items in the containers, and taking them out by scanning QR code / barcode labels on the items.

As items, you can move and transfer containers between locations. As you transfer a container from one location to another, everything inside the container moves along with it.

What Do We See On Items Count Report For Containers And Items?

You will see a list of containers and individual items in each location. If item is within a container, you will see the complete location path for each item, e.g. Warehouse A -> Container #1234 - Widget B.

What Will We See In The Transactions Report?

Transactions history reports will show movements of containers, as well as individual items within the containers. You will be able to see the whole items movement history, as well as location of the containers at any time in the past.

How Can I Locate A Specific Item Or Container?

If you search for a specific asset or inventory item, you will see the full location path for it. You will be able to easily find each item, whether it is located outside of the containers, within a container or within a mylti-level container.

The same is true for the container - you can find where each container is located. You will see the full path, starting from the warehouse / shipyard / job site and the chain of the containers, if the container is located inside another container.

How Can I find Out What Is Within The Container Without Opening It?

If you are in the field in front of the container, scan QR code / barcode on the container with a smartphone to see what is inside. If you are in the office in front of the computer, use admin web dashboard to see a list of items inside any container.

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