Modern Inventory Management:
QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Mobile Inventory And Assets Tracking: Benefits For Industries

equipment tools management
Inventory Management Software For Equipment Service And Installation Companies
Use smartphones in place of the traditional mobile computers to track parts inventory, equipment service and maintenance on site in real time. Make sure your equipment maintenance records are in order and are easily accessible by all authorized personnel. Let your technicians access equipment specs and documentation on their smartphone instantly by scanning QR code or barcode label with a smartphone.
inventory management for anufacturing
Modern Inventory Management For Manufacturing: Mobile Software With Barcode Scanning
Using QR Inventory, manufacturers can track raw materials inventory, as well as finished goods in real time, on the shop floor and in multiple warehouses. Use regular smartphones for barcode / QR code scanning, filling out mobile forms and information look up. Track product batches through the entire manufacturing process, achieve end-to-end traceability. Create bill of materials, track building of assemblies and work in progress.
inventory management for construction
Inventory Management for Construction Companies
QR Inventory lets construction businesses maintain timely and accurate information on the inventory stock, parts and materials on the construction sites and in the warehouse(s). Track inventory, location and use of the work tools, transfer of equipment and tools between construction projects on-site using a smartphone. Durable QR code labels and barcode scanning mobile application allows for tracking of inventory, parts, materials and equipment in real time.
asset inventory tracking for property management
Mobile Asset Tracking For Property Management Businesses
You need mobile devices to track inventory and assets stored and used for each of your rental properties on site in real time. QR Inventory allows your employees to use their own smartphones and tablets for this purpose. You get updates in real time, and save money on purchasing special inventory management hardware for each field employee.
work tools inventory management
Work Tools Tracking And Management: Mobile Software With QR Code, Barcode, NFC, RFID Scanning
QR Inventory will help you effectively manage work tools in the field, tool crib, construction sites and warehouse without purchasing expensive inventory tracking hardware. Use regular smartphones to check tools in and out, enter required information, take photos and collect signatures. Keep track of tools warranty expiration and maintenance.
inventory management for laboratories
Laboratory Inventory Management, Traceability And Workflow
Tracking lab process is much easier and more efficient if you are using mobile devices for barcode scanning and digital records collection. Mobile devices allow you to track everything, from inventory to workflow steps, and collect data on site using QR code / barcode scanning and mobile forms. Digital records of the process are preserved and are accessible on demand from anywhere.
inventory management for startups
Inventory Management For Startups And Growing Small Businesses
QR Inventory software is a perfect fit for the startups and growing businesses - just like you, we are using the new technologies to make our product efficient, simple to use and affordable. QR Inventory uses QR codes, mobile forms, smartphones and cloud technologies for real time inventory tracking and data access that is easy to deploy and learn. Accommodate your business workflow by customizing every aspect of your inventory management process.
Warehouse Inventory Management For wholesale
Warehouse Inventory Management For Wholesale Distribution
Managing inventory is the primary challenge of running a wholesale business. QR Inventory gives you the right tools to track inventory on the warehouse floor by scanning barcodes / QR codes with a smartphone - no need to purchase specialized inventory management hardware. Get accurate real time reports on inventory stock in multiple warehouses, inventory location within the warehouse. Use smartphones to do physical inventory count efficiently and accurately.
inventory management for equipment rentals
Inventory Management For Equipment Rental Business
Tracking of rental equipment / leased equipment is simple, easy and efficient with QR Inventory mobile application / cloud software combination. Record inventory transactions for rent-outs, returns, sending to repair, etc. on site, in real time. Use smartphones or tablets for QR code / barcode scanning, filling out mobile forms and information check. Access equipment location, status, due dates, usage statistics in real time via an admin web dashboard.
assets management and reservations
Online Asset Reservation & Management System For Events, Trade Shows, Exhibits
Use smartphones and QR Code scanning to reserve and manage assets for events, trade shows or exhibits. Check assets out for the event and process returns by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Plan ahead, reserve assets for the trade shows and exhibits and check assets availability for the future events.
inventory tracking for hospitals
Inventory and Asset Management for Hospitals And Clinics
Keep real time track of medical supplies, assets and equipment in hospitals and clinics using smartphones and a cloud. Record supplies usage, equipment location, cleaning and maintenance. Get up to the minute information from any place on the hospital floor.
asset inventory management for hotels
Asset & Inventory Management for Hotels and Hospitality Industry
Keep track or room assets, find out what is missing by scanning assets in the room with a smartphone. Use mobile phones to track supplies and inventory in the supply rooms. Record and keep track of equipment maintenance and repairs in gym, pool, restaurant, etc.
Beer Keg Tracking
Beer Kegs Tracking
Make sure that all kegs in your brewery are accounted for, are not misplaced or lost. Track kegs as you send them to the distributor and receive back by scanning QR code label with a smartphone running iOS or Android. Check were kegs are, track kegs through the entire production cycle: from cleaning to refilling to warehouse / distributor and back to the brewery.
lot number tracking for food industry
Lot Number Inventory Tracking For The Food Industry
Use lot number inventory tracking for managing ingredients and final product batches. Use mobile devices for barcode scanning and tracking inventory in real time. Achieve complete product traceability, be prepared for recalls and problem investigation.
produce inventory and traceability
Produce Inventory & Traceability With QR Codes
Track produce from the field to the retail locations using QR codes. Scan QR code labels to record produce inventory, information and movements. In case of a recall, identify to whom a specific batch of produce was sold to, find affected items by scanning QR code on the labels.
brewery inventory management
Brewery Inventory Management: Online Software With QR Code Scanning
Manage brewery inventory, from bottled and kegged beer to raw materials (malt, hop, yeast, etc.) using barcode scanning for fast and error free processing. Use smartphones for barcode / QR code scanning and data collection, save money on purchasing special hardware. Keep a record of all information which is important for your brewery operations utilizing custom mobile forms.
asset tracking for payment solutions
Asset Tracking Solution For Payment Processing Equipment Rentals
If you are offering payment technology solutions, QR Inventory will help you keep track of payment processing equipment deployed at your customers' locations and equipment that you have in house. Use QR code / barcode scanning to automate receiving and deployment of payment processing equipment, use mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) for scanning and data entry.
job shop inventory work in progress
Stock Control, Work In Progress Tracking For Job Shops
Use QR code / barcode scanning to track custom manufacturing projects through the stages. Keep track of raw materials, parts that you produce and finished products. Fill out quality control and other required forms on site on a smartphone. Track lot numbers / serial numbers of assemblies components and work in progress.
Inventory Management For Oil and Gas
Inventory Management For Oil and Gas Companies
Oil and Gas, Drilling and Services companies need to track assets and inventory in the field, on the drilling rigs and platforms, away from the office. QR Inventory allows you to do just that. Track assets and inventory on the remote job sites in real time using a smartphone for barcode scanning, data entry and filling out forms. Access important information on a smartphone by scanning QR code / barcode label or NFC tag.
inventory management for storage logistics
Inventory Management Software For Storage & Logistics Industries
Organize and track customer's boxes / containers using QR code labels or NFC tags. Use smartphone as a scanner for the fast and accurate data entry. Track inventory in multiple storage units / facilities, access accurate reports from anywhere via a web based dashboard.
office it asset tracking
Office IT Asset Tracking
Track individual network IT assets (computers, hard drives, routers, switches, etc.), as well as total number and location of asset types. Scan network hardware into inventory management system using a smartphone. Check office assets in and out, assign to employees using a smartphone for barcode scanning and data entry.
inventory tracking for bars restaurants
Inventory Tracking For Bars, Restaurants
Create QR code labels for the food items, track usage and expiration dates by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Receive automatic alerts when you need to order more food supplies. Monitor restaurant assets and equipment (kitchen appliances, furniture, etc.) using the same software.
franchise inventory
Inventory Control For Franchises
Simplify inventory management for multiple franchise locations. Control inventory in all locations from a central dashboard, perform similar operations (e.g. sending the same set of inventory to each franchise) once. Give local managers control of inventory in their location only.

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