Remote Inventory Management For Oil And Gas Industry

Inventory and Asset Management for Oil and Gas Companies

Track assets and inventory in remote locations, on the drilling rigs and offshore platforms in real time. Use regular smartphones, or mobile computers running android OS for barcode scanning, recording inventory transactions, information access and data collection. Record assets and inventory shipments, usage, damages and disposal on site live. Scan an asset with a smartphone to obtain asset information, from specifications to PDF documents to the list of maintenance and repairs. Report assets damages, attach photos for visual documentation.

Track Assets And Inventory In Remote Locations

Oil & Gas companies usually ship, use and install immennse amounts of parts and equipment every day. A lot of inventory, parts and materials are being shipped and used at the remote locations, on the drilling rigs, onshore and offshore platforms. With QR Inventory you can track equipment, parts and materials shipments and usage live at all locations, and seamlessly transfer inventory between them. Use regular smartphones for barcode / QR code scanning, recording inventory transactions, information look up and data collection.

Remote Data Access On The Smartphones

Make sure that your employees always have an access to the information they need to do their job. Create custom fields to hold all information you need on the assets and equipment: specifications, operating instructions, pdf documents, images and drawings, etc. Define what information your employees need to see via the admin web dashboard, and your employees will access this information in the field by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.

Mobile Application Designed For The Field Operations

Instead of purchasing mobile computers and barcode scanners, your field technicians can use their own or company smartphones (running iOS or Android) to review asset information, check inventory stock and location, or record inventory transaction. QR Inventory supports barcodes, QR codes, NFC and RFID tags.

Centralized Cloud Storage Location

All data collected in the remote locations on the smartphones are immediately sent to a centralized storage location, and are available to all authorized employees in real time. Access up to the minute inventory stock, shipment and delivery information, materials and parts usage and transactions in real time. Improve intra-company communications, and make sure all employees have immediate access to the information they need. Eliminate paperwork and keep all your records digital.

Automatic GPS Location Of Inventory Transaction

QR Inventory automatically saves GPS location of asset or inventory transaction. Administrator / manager can have a visual overview of recent activity on the map in a web-based admin area.

Mobile Data Collection

Use custom mobile forms to record all assets and inventory related information and send reports / requests. Fill out maintenance, service, repairs forms on site. Report damages from the field, attach photo(s) for visual documentation. Request service and send inventory or equipment reservation requests.

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