Office and IT Assets Tracking with QR Inventory

Cloud Based IT Network Asset Management Using QR Codes And A Smartphone

Use smartphones and QR codes to manage IT network assets. Track individual network IT assets (computers, hard drives, routers, switches, etc.), as well as total number and location of asset types. Scan network hardware into inventory management system using a smartphone, record where it is installed and how it is used using custom mobile forms. Check office assets in and out using a smartphone, always know who has what and when it is due back.
office it asset management

Use QR Codes And Smartphone To Track IT Network Assets

Scan asset with a smartphone to review or enter required information. Custom fields and custom mobile forms allow you to define what exact information you want to track, record and report.
office it asset management

Access Real Time Data Stored In A Secure Cloud

Access real time information on a smartphone or computer from anywhere.
office it asset management

Easy Network IT Hardware Labeling and Entry

Label assets and enter them to the database in one swipe by scanning an attached label (it can be QR code, barcode or NFC tag). Select asset name and group from the list instead of typing it in each time. This process not only speeds up assets entry, but prevents errors and mistyping.
office it asset management

Easy Office Assets Check In, Check Out, Transfer

Scan QR code, barcode or NFC tag on an asset to check in, check out, transfer to a different location, send item to repair, discard demaged item, etc. Create custom transaction types that you need via the web interface.
office it asset management

Track Individual Assets, Asset Types and Groups

You can track and access a history of each individual asset, but also a total count of assets of each type and group in different locations.


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