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Mobile Inventory Management Software For Utilities Industry

An inventory management software helps utilities industry increase operations efficiency and respond to the emergency calls faster. A real time mobile inventory management system ensures that the right materials, spare parts, tools and equipment are available as needed for the utilities service jobs.

Utilities Inventory Management And Asset Tracking In Real Time

A QR Inventory software helps utilities companies maintain the right parts, materials and tools on all service trucks and in the dispersed field locations. A centralized inventory management system ensures that stock updates are done in real time and are available to all software users. Access to the real time inventory, tools and equipment data helps utilities companies maintain reliable service to the customers, complete the jobs faster, better and at a lower cost.

Take Inventory For Utility Jobs Under Control With The Cloud Software And Mobile App

Increase operations efficiency of your utilities company with the QR Inventory software! Have a full visibility into assets and inventory, and complete all utilities service jobs without delay.

A Barcode Scanning Mobile App For Utilities Inventory Management In The Field

Field technicians can access and update stock level, equipment location, service data and utilities work orders in real time. A barcode scanning mobile apps makes these tasks fast and easy, and allow utilities service techs to keep track of inventory without being distracted from their main job. Here is what field technicians can do using a QR Inventory mobile app:

  • Track spare parts and materials for utilities jobs as they pick them up in the warehouse, load onto the service trucks, use for the service and repair jobs, and return unused materials.
  • Place requests for the materials they need for a utility job in the mobile app.
  • Access inventory stock in all locations in the mobile app with a QR code scan.
  • Check out tools and equipment they need for a utilities service and repair job.
  • Access equipment specs, documentation and operating instructions on site in the mobile app.
  • Fill out service and repair forms in the mobile app.
  • Report utilities equipment damage in the mobile app. Add photos for visual documentation.
  • Fill out utilities fleet DVIR forms.
  • Send data captured in the mobile app to the back end cloud software in real time.

A Cloud Software Web Interface For The Real Time Inventory Reports

Office employees have a full visibility into inventory stock and movement in all locations, utilities work orders status, completed equipment maintenance forms and materials requests via a single web dashboard. Here are some of the reports they can review:

  • Current inventory stock on the service trucks, job sites and in the warehouse.
  • What parts and materials were used for each utility job.
  • Inventory flow and movement history.
  • Location of tools and equipment, and history of their use per project.
  • Tools and equipment check out and check in history.
  • Equipment and tools utilization, work time vs idle time.
  • Completed utilities service and repair forms.
  • Field reports and requests.
  • Completed utilities fleet DVIR forms.
  • Parts and materials usage statistics and trends.
  • and more...

Utilities Inventory Management That You Can Adjust To Your Process

You can configure a QR Inventory software to fit your business process and workflow:

  • Create custom fields to store info that you need on your assets and inventory.
  • Upload images and documents that you want field service technicians to access in the mobile app.
  • Create custom transaction types based on your inventory flow. Some examples include receive inventory in the warehouse, move, store, load on the truck, use for project, return unused inventory, check tools out and return, and more.
  • Define what extra data, if any, you want utilities service technicians to record for each transaction type.
  • Create custom forms for all types of utilities field paperwork. Some examples include service and repair forms, equipment damage reports, field inventory requests, and more.
  • Create custom reminders and never miss a routine inspection or preventive maintenance of the utility equipment.
  • and more...

How Utilities Inventory Management Works In The QR Inventory Software

A QR Inventory software is a perfect fit for the utilities companies. It provides a centralized inventory and asset tracking system where field employees in the dispersed locations can access and update inventory info in real time. Utilities companies can use a QR Inventory software for managing inventory, tracking field assets and equipment, and digitizing their field paperwork.

Real Time Inventory Tracking For Utilities Jobs


Parts And Materials Tracking With Barcode or QR Code Scanning

For field service industries, such as utilities industry, it is especially important that an inventory management software is easy to use in the field, provides real time updates and a centralized inventory database. A QR Inventory is exactly this kind of a software.

Field employees use a mobile app to record inventory movement: picking it up in the warehouse, receiving inventory in the field, use for the project and return of unused inventory. A QR code or barcode scanning makes processing of inventory transactions fast and easy. If needed, utilities technicians can fill out forms in the mobile app to record extra data for each transaction. Extra data may include a job number, PO number, notes, as well as a photo and a signature.

A mobile app is linked to a back end cloud software that provides real time inventory updates in the central database. Authorized software users always know stock level for the parts and materials they need for the utilities service jobs, inventory usage history and trends. Real time inventory info helps utilities companies do a better planning, maintain just the right parts and materials stock (no over-stocling or under-stocking), and complete service jobs without delays.


Maintaining Right Inventory On The Utilities Service Trucks

Maintaining accurate inventory on the service trucks is crucial for the efficient operations of the utilities companies, and preventing delays in providing services. With the QR Inventory software you can be sure that all utilities service vehicles have the right set of parts, materials and tools for the upcoming jobs. You can set the required inventory levels for each service truck, as well as for the warehouse, and receive low inventory alerts when inventory falls below the pre-set minimum level. The alert will include a list of parts that need to be replenished on each utilities service truck, with the quantity you need to order to get to your desired max stock level.

Field technicians can conduct regular inventory audits on their trucks to verify that they have all inventory "on the books" in stock, and identify discrepancies. If any discrepancies exist, a QR Inventory software will identify them so that you can correct the situation promptly.

Tracking Utilities Tools And Equipment Usage And Maintenance


Equipment And Tools Tracking For Utilities Jobs

Tracking tools and equipment is vital for utilities companies to ensure efficient operations, minimize losses, and maintain accountability. A QR Inventory software helps you create an equipment accountability system, where field technicians have to check tools and equipment out when they store them on their trucks or borrow for the utilities service jobs.

A barcode and QR code scanning mobile app makes tool and equipment check out easy and fast. A utilities service tech just needs to scan QR codes on all tools and equipment he borrows one by one, and submit the data from the mobile app to a back end cloud software. Optionally he can fill out the form in the mobile app if you want to keep track of additional data. For example he may specify a job number, note equipment conditions, document it with photo, and sign for the equipment in the mobile app. You control what info should be filled out in the mobile form via the cloud software web interface.

As a result, you always know where tools and equipment are, who is using them, and what you have available in the warehouse. You will know in what state the tool was checked out and returned, and who is responsible if a tool or equipment is damaged. The tool and equipment tracking system makes field employees more responsible for the assets they are using, prevents equipment loss, damage and theft.

Utilities Tools And Equipment Calibration And Maintenance

A QR Inventory software helps you optimize maintenance processes for the tools and equipment used in the utilities operations. Here is how you can track and control equipment calibration, maintenance and inspections in the QR Inventory software:

  • Create custom mobile forms that utilities service techs can fill out in the mobile app.
  • Generate and manage work orders for utilities equipment maintenance tasks.
  • Assign a work order to the specific utilities service technicians, and he will be able to access it in the mobile app as soon as he logs in.
  • Monitor work order progress, and review completed digital forms.
  • Make corrections to the submitted forms if needed, and create a pdf report to sent to the customers or external auditors.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance tasks and receive alerts when the next calibration or maintenance is due.
  • Set up recurring maintenance schedule based on the time intervals.
  • Monitor stock levels of spare parts that you need for the utilities equipment service and repair. Set low inventory alerts and reorder parts when necessary.
  • Access equipment calibration and maintenance logs via the cloud software web dashboard. Access logs on demand from anywhere, download or create pdf reports.
  • Search maintenance logs by various parameters to find required info fast.
  • Receive an instant alert if a completed form contains an outlier that requires immediate attention, and act on the problem fast.
  • Utilities service technicians can access past maintenance and service history in the mobile app with a QR code scan. Instant access to the equipment specs, documents and service history makes techs' work more productive, and allows them to make more informed decisions.

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