Mobile Equipment Rental Software In The Cloud

Online Equipment Rental Management Software For Equipment Rental Businesses

Rental equipment management is simple and efficient with QR Inventory mobile application / cloud software combination. Record inventory transactions for rentals, returns, sending to repair, etc. on site by scanning QR code / barcode label with a smartphone. Create custom mobile forms that go with each transaction, and employees will be able to fill them out on their smartphones. Access equipment location, status, due dates, usage statistics and transactions history in real time via a web dashboard.
mobile equipment rental software mobile application

Rental Equipment Management Using Smartphones And QR Code / NFC Technology

Track rented equipment and assets using QR code / barcode scanning for fast, efficient and error-free entries. Record rentals, returns, sending equipment to repair, receiving new equipment, and anything that you need - create custom transaction types via a web based admin interface. Use smartphones for equipment scanning and data collection in the field, save money on purchasing asset tracking hardware (barcode scanners, PDAs, mobile computers).
mobile equipment rental software mobile application

Custom Mobile Forms For Equipment Rentals And Returns

Create custom mobile forms via the web admin dashboard, and your employees will be able to access and fill them out on their smartphones during equipment check out, return, maintenance, or when sending an equipment to repair. Record all information you need for each transaction type, and it will be available in real time via an admin dashboard. Use smartphone to take image(s) and attach to the equipment transaction for visual documentation (e.g. document equipment conditions on check out and return).

Batch Processing Of Rental Returns

Process assets and equipment returned from multiple locations / clients in one inventory transaction. Scan all returned equipment with a smartphone, and QR Inventory will automatically determine where an equipment came from and include this information in the transaction. Save time and reduce errors by combining multiple transaction into one and eliminating manual location selection for each asset.
asset management for rentals and events

Fast Rental Returns Processing Using NFC Technology

Use NFC tags to process high volume return transactions fast. Using NFC technology, you just need to touch each asset with a smartphone to instantly add it to the transaction. No need to focus camera or go through several screens and clicks to add each item. One touch - and item is added, your smartphone is ready for the next item.
If you prefer, you can also use regular barcode scanner.
asset management for rentals and events

Direct Transfer Between Locations And Clients

If necessary, transfer rental equipment directly from one client / location to another bypassing central warehouse.
asset management for rentals and events

Track Assets By Serial Number Or Type

Track each asset / equipment individually by its serial number / unique ID, or track by asset type (e.g. video camera versus ten individual video cameras with unique serial numbers). Regardless of how you decide to track assets, you can always access total quantity of specific asset type in each location (e.g. 5 video cameras in house, 1 is rented out to client A and 4 are rented out to client B).
asset management for rentals and events

Bulk Asset Entry

If you have multiple assets that are different only by their serial number, you do not need to enter each asset into the system individually. Fill out all information once, then scan in each asset, or paste a list of serial numbers in the form, and you are done - all assets are entered into the system.
asset processing for rentals and events

Monitor Damages And Repairs

Document asset conditions when it goes out for rent and when it is returned. Fill out custom mobile form(s), and optionally take photo(s) with QR Inventory mobile application. Track equipment maintenance and repairs, review service history and statistics.
asset processing for rentals and events

Real Time Rental Equipment Status

Access real time rental equipment status: location, clients, when equipment is due to be returned, available equipment, equipment in repair, etc. Access historic data (equipment transactions history, information filled out during each transaction), as well as equipment usage statistics.


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