Food Industry Inventory Traceability

Lot Number Inventory Tracking For The Food Industry

Lot number tracking and traceability are the important requirements for any food production industry. QR Inventory allows you to track lot numbers of ingredients that went into the final products batch, and track how each batch was distributed. In case of the recall you can quickly find what product batches contain a certain ingredient, and where / when these batches were distributed. You can do inventory tracking in real time, during the production process, using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for barcode scanning and data recording.

Tracking Of Ingredients By Lot Number

Track food ingredients by lot number. Record all information that you need for each lot: manufacturer, production date, expiration date, date received, storage conditions, etc., etc. Define what you want to keep track of via the web dashboard, and your employees will be able to record all this information on a smartphone when receiving new shipments from the vendor.
Generate and print QR code labels for each ingredient and finished product batch using built-in QR code generation tool. Scan applied label and enter batch information on a smartphone, or via a webdashboard.

Bill Of Materials: Ingredients Lists For The Final Product

Create a generic list of ingredients for all finished products, then apply this list to each new product batch without a need to re-enter. While creating a batch, scan lot number of the actual used ingredients against the list.
Alternatively, you can record product batches without using a list, by scanning used ingredients and entering quantities. Mix and match both methods to accommodate your workflow and production process.

Live Inventory Tracking On The Shop Floor

Use mobile devices (smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android) to process inventory transactions. Record ingredients that were used in a product batch by scanning QR code / barcode labels with a smartphone.
Used ingredients are automatically removed from the inventory stock, and created batches of the final product are added to inventory.

Track Products Distribution And Storage

Split created product batches into multiple units for shipment to different clients / internal storage. Record product shipments and all additional information that you need, such as client, tracking numbers, delivery date, etc. Record details of storage if product batch is stored internally.

Products Traceability And Reports

In case of a reported problem, find all affected items and information that you need for problem investigation and recall fast:
  • In case of a reported problem with an ingredient, find all product batch(es) containing an ingredient with the specified lot number.
  • In case of a reported problem with a final product, find lot numbers of ingredients used in the specified batch, what other product batches have these ingredients.
  • Find everything about affected batches distribution: where they were distributed, when, how many units, how many you may still have in stock and where.
  • Review recorded details for ingredients and final product batches.
  • Use multiple search filters to find required transactions fast.

Manage Ingredients Stock

Maintain optimum stock of ingredients. Keep track of live inventory stock, receive automatic alerts when the stock is low.

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