Field Service Inventory Management: Mobile Application + Cloud Software

QR Inventory allows field service companies to track inventory between warehouse, service trucks and job sites with an easy to use mobile application. Collected data are sent to a secure cloud for real time reporting and analytics.

  • Track parts and materials between the warehouse, service trucks and job sites in the field using mobile devices.
  • Allocate inventory for the field projects, track inventory usage and returns per project.
  • Track equipment and tools check ins and check outs, equipment usage per project and per service technician.
  • Service technicians can instantly access equipment information in the field by scanning QR code label.
  • Use smartphone and QR Inventory mobile application for barcode / QR code scanning, data collection, information look up and filling out mobile forms.
  • Track equipment installation, maintenance, service and repairs on the job site using mobile forms.
  • Receive automatic low inventory, warranty expiration and preventive maintenance alerts.

Real Time Parts And Materials Tracking, In The Field And Warehouse

Field service technicians use mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS or Android) and QR Inventory mobile application to track inventory, materials, parts and tools anywhere.

Give your field technicians tools to be efficient and productive. Mobile devices (smartphones) are easy to carry around, and allow service technicians to record and access information fast without being distructed from their main job.

Using a smartphone and QR code / barcode scanning, field technicians can easily track inventory, tools and equipment in the service trucks and on the job sites. No matter how many job sites you have and how many service technicians in your organization are handling assets and inventory, all transactions can be easily recorded in real time, as they happen. Therefore, you always have accurate inventory counts, equipment and tools locations and transactions records.

Record any additional information: job number, project, client, notes, etc. using mobile forms. You define what data should be collected in the field - and these data will be recorded in the mobile forms and will be available to you via reports.

All updates are submitted to a centralized cloud location in real time, so everyone has an access to the up to the minute information.

Work Tools Tracking With QR Code / Barcode Scanning

Work tools are valueable assets - make sure that tools used for the equipment installation and service are accounted for.

QR Inventory will help you create an accountability system for the work tools. You will always know where the tools are, how they are being used, who checked the tool out last, and keep tabs on the tools which were not returned back on time.

Using a smartphone and QR Inventory mobile application, field service technicians can check tools in and out of the warehouse by scanning QR code label. When checking tools in and out, they can record additional information: what job number the tool was checked out for, when it should be returned, record tool conditions and take pictures. You define what do you want to track via the web dashboard, and field employees or warehouse managers will fill out this information on the smartphones.

New: Real Time Automatic Equipment Tracking With Bluetooth Beacon Tags

If you want to go a step further in the field tools and equipment tracking, we now offer an automatic real time tracking option with bluetooth beacon tags. Bluetooth asset tracking does not require your employees to scan tools and equipment in and out, yet you will know equipment location, if it is being used and who is using it at any given time. As long as field technicians have a smartphone in their pocket with a mobile application running in the background, a location of the equipment and assets tagged with the bluetooth beacons will be reported automatically. A cloud-based asset tracking platforms collects data from the mobile devices and creates real time reports (both map based and tabular), available on demand to all authorized employees.

In addition to the real time assets information, you have historic reports of assets and equipment usage: on what sites and projects equipment was used, by which employee(s) and for how long. Use these reports for monitoring equipment useful life, clients billing and as employees timesheets.

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Mobile Forms For Recording Equipment Maintenance, Installation, And Service

Equipment service technicians can record equipment installation, service and maintenance on site using a smartphone or tablet and mobile forms.

Create custom mobile forms to track equipment installation, service and maintenance via the web dashboard, and service technicians will be able to fill them out on the mobile devices while performing the job. Include clarification text and image(s) in the forms to make sure your employees know exactly what to do. Optionally pre-fill part of the form online, and push it to the mobile devices for completion.

Field service technicians can fill out the form(s), include photo(s) for visual documentation, capture customer or supervisor signature, and submit completed form to the centralized cloud location. Administrators have immediate access to the equipment service and maintenance records via the web dashboard.

Instant Equipment Information Access In The Field

Field service technicians can instantly access all necessary data on the equipment with one QR code scan.

Service technicians can scan QR code label with a smartphone to get an instant access to all data they need to effectively perform their job. The data can include equipment specifications, image(s), drawing, pdf documentation and instructions, previous service and maintenance history. You define what data technicians have an access to via the web dashboard.

Users with the right permissions can change the data in the field on a smartphone, or take additional photos.

Employee Time Tracking In The Field

Field service technicians can track time on the job on a smartphone with several clicks.

Equipment service technicians can easily track time spent working on the equipment or in a specific location in QR Inventory mobile application. You get accurate time reports by employee, location or equipment. You can review raw time logs, and group data by different parameters to get required time summary reports.

For example, you can check total time spent by an employee A last month on all jobs, time an employee A spent working on the equipment B, total time that was spent on the equipment B by all employees, total time spent working in a specific location, etc., etc.

Electronic Signatures And PDF Documentation

Create signed PDF reports with one click. Control PDF look and layout.

Need an employee or a customer to sign the completed service or maintenance form, send completed form with a signature to a client? Mobile data collection module of QR Inventory will allow you to do just that. Collect electronic signature on a smartphone, then generate PDF document with collected data, photos and signature included. Define pdf report look and layout using custom templates. E-mail pdf to multiple e-mail address, in the field or from the office.

Cloud Digital Records Storage

Eliminate physical paperwork and keep accurate equipment records.

All collected records are stored in a secure cloud, are never misplaced, damaged or lost. Use multiple filters to find required records fast. Give all authorized personnel access to the real time information from anywhere. Generate custom pdf reports based on the filled out forms, e-mail to the clients or within the company.

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