Work In Progress (WIP) Tracking Software For Custom Manufacturing

Track work in progress (WIP) on the shop floor with the smartphones. Use QR Inventory mobile application for barcode scanning and real time data collection. Access live status of everything in production via QR Inventory web dashboard.

  • Track components and materials continuously through the production process.
  • Track parts, components and materials by part number / SKU, lot number or serial number.
  • Track work orders through the production process on the shop floor.
  • Use mobile forms to collect data, fill out quality control forms / inspections checklists.
  • Do inventory and production process tracking, data collection on the shop floor using smartphones / tablets and QR Inventory mobile application.
  • Use QR Inventory mobile application for barcode scanning, data collection, information look up and filling out mobile forms.
  • Authorized employees access WIP inventory and work orders progress in real time via a secure web dashboard.
  • Collected documentation is preserved as digital records in a secure cloud location and is accessible on demand.

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Instant View Of Work In Progress (WIP) And Work Order Status

Using QR Inventory mobile application, you can track manufacturing orders progress on the shop floor in real time from start to finish:

  • raw materials, sub-assemblies and assemblies used to create the finished product
  • used materials, materials returned back to the inventory, defective and scrapped materials or parts
  • track lot number / serial numbers of used parts and materials for traceability
  • status of the project as it moves through the production steps
  • serial numbers of equipment, containers or instruments used in the production process
  • operational conditions, what was done on each process step
  • use mobile forms and a smartphone / tablet to fill out quality control forms, inspections checklists, product testing forms
  • store digital records in the secure cloud, search and access information on demand from anywhere
  • create pdf documents with the custom look and layout for customers / outside auditors

All inventory and production process tracking is done in real time, on the shop floor using QR Inventory mobile application. Barcode scanning, mobile forms with minimal manual entries makes manufacturing production process tracking simple, fast and error-free. All collected documentation is saved as digital records, is never misplaced or lost, is easily searchable and accessible to authorized employees.
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Barcode Scanning For Work In Progress Tracking

Barcode scanning makes data collection faster and reduces errors associated with the manual data entry. With QR Inventory, employees can use their own mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), or company issued devices if you prefer for barcode scanning and data collection on the shop floor.

Smartphone camera works well for barcode / QR code scanning in absolute majority of cases and will save you money on purchasing inventory scanning hardware. However, if you need to process large transactions fast, you can use a hand-held barcode scanner attached to the smartphone or tablet. QR Inventory is natively integrated with Socket Mobile line of barcode scanners. Native integration allows you to process inventory transactions very fast, by scanning one item after another without interruption, extra clicking or navigation.

Shop floor employees can use barcode scanning for uniquely identifying a work order they are tracking, scanning lot numbers / serial numbers of the used components and ingredients, as well as scanning serial numbers of the used equipment and / or instruments.
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Shop Floor Data Collection For Manufacturing Operations

using QR Inventory mobile application you can collect all required information during the manufacturing production process using custom mobile forms. You create custom mobile forms via the web dashboard, and employees get the form for the task at hand on their mobile devices to fill out. To make sure that employees know which form to fill out when, you can attach each mobile form to the specific production step. The employees will only see the forms for the current production step, and will need to fill out all required forms before moving the project to the next step.

The forms can include clarification text and image(s) to guide the employees through the process. Optionally, an administrator can prefill part of the form before pushing it to the mobile devices, as well as edit completed form or fill "office only" part.

QR Inventory software and it's mobile data collection module has lots of capabilities to accommodate any production process. These links will provide more information on mobile forms capabilities and mobile data collection tools.
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Custom Workflows To Track Work In Progress (WIP) On The Shop Floor

Use mobile data collection module to manage manufacturing production process and track work in progress.

  • Create custom workflows for your manufacturing process via the admin web dashboard.
  • Define workflow steps, provide description / instructions for each step to guide your employees through the process.
  • Create custom mobile forms for data collection on the shop floor, link forms to the production steps.
  • You can use mobile forms to collect operational data, record used equipment and instruments, operational conditions, as well as fill out quality control forms and checklists.
  • Shop floor employees fill out the form(s) and move project / product batches through the stages on site using a smartphone.
  • All authorized employees have live access to the projects in progress, projects status, history and all collected information.
  • Access detailed history of the past projects: dates, operations performed, employees who performed the operations, collected data and completed forms.
  • Filter production documentation by multiple parameters to find required information fast.
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Track Assemblies Building Process And Finished Products

  • Track building of the generic and serialized assemblies using QR code / barcode scanning.
  • Use mobile forms to document every step of the production process.
  • Define what data do you want to collect / keep track of for each process step via a web dashboard.
  • Track what is installed on each serialized assembly, when, by whom, production details.
  • Track installed components by part number, lot number or by serial number. Trace all installed components back to their origin.
  • Track serialized assemblies after they leave your shop: shipment to the customers, delivery, warranty service, maintenance and repairs.
  • Check assembly details, what parts were installed on the assembly, production and maintenance history by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.
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Track Inventory, Raw Materials Using Barcode / QR Code Scanning

  • Use smartphone with QR Inventory mobile application for barcode / QR code scanning. Use barcode scanning to keep track of raw materials that you purchase, created generic and serialized assemblies / sub-assemblies.
  • Generate and print QR code labels using QR Inventory software built-in QR code generation tool, or use existing barcode labels if applicable.
  • Label and scan materials in as you receive them in the warehouse. Indicate where in the warehouse inventory is stored.
  • Get accurate real time reports on raw materials and finished goods stock and locations.
  • Scan inventory as you build assemblies and sub-assemblies - as you do, inventory and assemblies stock is automatically adjusted.
  • Account for the parts and materials used for each project.
  • Track materials by SKU, lot number / batch number or serial number. Achieve end-to-end traceability.
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Create Complex, Multi-Level Serialized Assemblies

  • Combine inventory items to create assemblies. Each lower level assembly can be included in the higher level assembly, producing multi-level assemblies.
  • Track assemblies and sub-assemblies in the same manner as the regular inventory items: scan QR code on the assembly to track production, storage, shipment and delivery to the end user.
  • As you create assemblies and sub-assemblies from the inventory items, inventory and assemblies stock is automatically adjusted.
  • Calculate how many generic assemblies you can build from the available inventory stock.
  • Create a list of parts and materials that you need to order and / or manufacture to produce a given number of assemblies.

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