Use Smartphones And Barcode Scanning For Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection In The Field Using Smartphones

Use of the mobile devices for field data collection helps you perform the job faster, eliminate data loss and reduce errors. With QR Inventory, you will be able to collect data in the field using a smartphone (Android or iOS) and QR Mobile Data mobile application.
mobile data collection access in the field

mobile data collection

Automate Business Workflow With Mobile Data Collection

Use QR Mobile Data mobile application for Android or iOS to collect data in the field. All collected data are linked to an asset, equipment, infrastructure, project or other business objects.

  • Create custom mobile forms via a web dashboard, link forms to assets or equipment.
  • If applicable, make mobile forms a part of your workflow.
  • Field technicians access / download correct set of forms by scanning QR code or barcode label on an asset with a smartphone.
  • The forms can include maintenance forms, service & repair forms, inspection forms, damage report forms, checklists, etc. - any form that your employees need to fill out in the field can be converted into a mobile form.
  • Technicians fill out a form on their smartphone (running iOS or Android) and submit to a secure cloud. If needed, field technicians can take photos with their smartphone and attach to the completed form for visual documentation.
  • GPS location of the form submission is automatically captured and can be viewed on a map.
  • Field technician can collect an electronic signature from a supervisor or a customer.
  • Field technician can create pdf report that will include form data, photos and signature, on a smartphone. (S)he can view pdf, print and e-mail to the selected addresses in the field.
  • You control pdf look and layout using custom templates.
mobile data access

Use QR Code / Barcode Scanning To Access Asset Information

Your employees and field technicians can instantly access all required information on the asset by scanning QR code / barcode label with a smartphone.

  • Create custom fields to hold all required information on the assets, equipment, infrastructure, or other business objects.
  • Custom fields can include asset specifications, images, drawings, url to pdf documentation, etc. - any information that field technicians should be able to review.
  • Employees can access asset information, as well as recently submitted records (e.g. recently performed maintenance, inspections, submitted damage reports, etc.) by scanning QR code or barcode label with a smartphone.
mobile data collection records and reports

Records & Reports

Submitted records are accessible in real time via an admin web dashboard. Search by multiple parameters to find the exact information you need fast.

  • All records submitted using mobile forms are stored in a secure cloud, are easily searchable, never misplaced or lost.
  • Administrators use web dashboard to search submitted records by multiple parameters (date range, asset, location, mobile form, etc.), including fields in the form (e.g. pull out all inspections where a certain test failed).
  • Review records submission statistics. Use it to identify which assets required most attention (e.g. which equipment had most service calls and repairs during a specific time frame).
  • Export reports.
  • Review submitted records on a map.
  • Create and download pdf report for any record. Report can include collected data, image(s), signature, and your company information and logo.
  • Use generated pdf report to e-mail to customers / other entities which may require this information.
  • Control pdf reports look and layout, what exactly is included by using custom templates. Upload templates via admin web dashboard, change any time.

See It For Yourself - Mobile Data Collection In Action