Fast, Error-Free Fixed Asset Audits

Fixed Assets Audits Using Smartphones And QR Code Scanning

Do fixed asset audits fast and without errors by using smartphones for barcode scanning and data collection. Use smartphones and barcode / QR code scanning to verify assets location, collect data and instantly submit to a centralized cloud storage. Make sure your asset audits are efficient, fast and error-free.
mobile fixed asset audits

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Verify That All Assets Are In Place

  • Verify that all assets are in place by scanning QR code labels with a smartphone. The list of scanned assets is compared to the list of assets that should be in the audit location.
  • Do company-wide asset audits, or asset audits in the selected locations / offices. Verify asset possession by employees.
  • Multiple employees can do asset audits at the same time, speeding up the process.
  • As an employee scans assets, (s)he sees a running batch on a smartphone screen, can review and correct it before submitting to the server.
  • Employees can take part in a company wide asset audit, or do individual ad-hoc asset audits to account for assets in their office or in their possession.
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Control Asset Audits Schedule

  • Administrators control asset audits schedule via a web dashboard. Several scheduled audits can be performed at the same time by different employees.
  • As new audit is created, employees participating in the audit will see it on their smartphones, can select it and scan assets in the designated location.
  • Administrator closes audit via the web interface. When audit is closed, scanned assets are compared to assets that should be in the audit location, and missing or displaced assets are identified.
  • Need to do frequent audits of the small locations by one employee? This situation is covered. Authorized employees can create ad-hoc audits on their smartphones, scan assets and submit audit results to the cloud.
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Asset Management Integration & Reports

  • After asset audit is completed, a system compares scanned assets with "on the books" assets and produces discrepancies report.
  • If you are using fixed asset audit as a stand-alone program (QR Audit) you can export asset list for comparison from your asset management software. If you are using it as a part of QR Inventory software, the current "on the books" list of assets is already there.
  • Export asset audit results for importing into your asset management software, if applicable.
  • Get a detailed report on asset audits: list of items in the audit location, raw data showing each submitted batch, date, time and an employee who submitted it, and discrepancies (missing or misplaced items).
  • Get statistics on missing assets and monetary value of the loss for selected time periods.

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