Streamline Produce Traceability With Mobile Forms And QR Code Scanning

Produce Traceability, Lot Number Tracking Using QR Code Scanning And Mobile Forms

Streamline produce traceability by collecting and recording all required information on site in real time: lot number, details of each product batch, lot numbers of the ingredients that go into the final product, details of each production step. Use barcode / QR code scanning instead of manual data entries to speed up the process and eliminate errors.
Use smartphone for barcode scanning, data entry and look up. As soon as batch or process information is entered, it is sent to a centralized cloud location and becomes available to all authorized employees. Access up to the minute information on the product or process in the field by scanning barcode / QR code with a smartphone, or in the office on a desktop computer.
Trace ingredients of the final product back to the origin, quickly find all products that include an ingredient with the specified lot number and where these products were distributed.
produce traceability

produce tracking with qr codes

Track Produce Batches Using A Smartphone, Barcode Scanning And Mobile Forms

  • Track produce batches through the entire production process using a smartphone for barcode scanning, data entry and look up.
  • Record all necessary information as the product moves through the production steps: lot numbers of ingredients, production details, etc.
  • Define what information to collect via intuitive web interface. Create custom mobile forms that your employees will be able to download on their mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) and use for on site data entry.
  • Collected information is sent to a secure centralized cloud location and is available to authorized personnel in real time.
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Produce Traceability

  • Trace each ingredient back to its source. Scan QR code label on the produce packaging / container to find its lot / batch number and batch details.
  • Track lot numbers of the ingredients that go into the intermediate and final products. Use barcode scanning to eliminate entry errors, and smartphone as a scanner.
  • In case of a problem, find common ingredients / production process details of the affected products to pinpoint a cause of a problem. Quickly locate other products that may be affected.
  • In the case of a recall, locate where affected products were distributed.
  • Maintain accurate records of the entire production process, find required records fast using multiple filters.
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Track Produce Stock In Multiple Locations

  • Track produce going in and out in multiple locations using a smartphone.
  • Get an accurate, real time picture of the produce stock. Set up low inventory alerts to make sure you do not run out of ingredients.
  • For the perishable items, keep track of the expiration dates and make sure you are using items with the closest expiration date first.
  • Get inventory usage statistics, monetary value of inventory stock and transactions.

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