Smartphones + QR Codes For Mobile Inspections & Audits

Field Inspection & Audit Software Using Mobile Forms And A Smartphone

Field inspections and audits are all about visiting multiple sites, collecting data and delivering them to a common data repository. Smartphones and tablets are the perfect tools for this job. They are convenient to carry around, allow you to fill out a form fast by minimuzing manual entries, have internal data checks / verfication, and ensure that collected data are not misplaced, damaged or lost. With QR Inventory, field inspectors will be able to use smartphones and custom mobile forms for data collection, take photos, capture signatures and GPS location, and submit completed inspections / audits to a centralized cloud location in real time.

mobile audits and inspections with qr codes

custom mobile forms  

Create Custom Audit / Inspection Forms For Mobile Devices

  • Create custom audit / inspection forms via a secure password protected web dashboard.
  • Create free entry fields, selection lists with pre-populated values, yes / no fields, scan in fields, etc.
  • Create image fields - for these fields your employees will be able to take a photo with a smartphone and attach it to the inspection / audit record.
  • Link forms to the equipment / property / infrastructure group(s). When an employee scans QR code label on an asset or property, (s)he will get a correct list of forms valid for the scanned object.
mobile data collection  

Complete Audit / Inspection On A Smartphone

  • Field technicians access / download correct set of audit / inspection forms by scanning QR code or barcode label on an asset with a smartphone.
  • Technicians fill out a form on their smartphone. The data that they fill out are automatically saved, so they can stop and resume at any time, and collected data are never lost.
  • Employees can take photos with a smartphone and attach them to an audit or inspection record for visual documentation.
  • If required, an employee can collect a signature.
  • When inspection is completed, it is submitted and stored in a secure cloud. You can find required information fast from anywhere. Audit / inspection results are available for review in real time.
  • GPS location of an audit or inspection is automatically captured and can be viewed on a map.
mobile data collection records and reports  

Access Audit / Inspection Results From Anywhere

  • Audit and inspection results are stored in a secure cloud, are easily searchable, never misplaced or lost.
  • Search submitted records by multiple parameters, including fields in the form (e.g. pull out records for equipment that did not pass inspection in a certain area).
  • Export reports.
  • Review performed audits / inspections on a map.


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