Tasks Completion Tracking With Mobile Checklist

Mobile Checklist For Tracking Property Maintenance Tasks Completion

Use mobile checklists to track property maintenance tasks completion. Make sure that your property maintenance crew has a clear understanding of what needs to be done and completes all tasks properly. Using QR Inventory mobile application field technicians can review the tasks list for each property by scanning property QR code, check off tasks as they are completed, add comments and / or images, and submit completed form to a centralized cloud location.

tracking tasks completion with qr codes

Create Custom Mobile Tasks Checklist

  • Generate custom checklists for the property maintenance tasks. Checklists can include task description, Yes / No switch to check off task completion, and optionally free form comments and / or an option to take photos for each task.
  • Create multiple checklists, link each list to a specific property or a group of properties.
  • Include explanation and / or image for each task, so that maintenance technicians know exactly what needs to be done.
  • Generate and print QR code labels for the properties using QR Inventory built-in QR code generator.
  • Employees retrieve a relevant checklist by scanning QR code label on the property with a smartphone.
manage tasks completion with a smartphone

Complete Tasks Checklist On A Smartphone

  • Employees scan QR code on the building, infrastructure or other asset to retreive a list of the tasks to complete.
  • As an employee completes each task, he marks the task as completed, fills out other required details, and optionally can take and attach a photo.
  • When all tasks are completed and the form is filled out, an employee submits it to a centralized cloud location.
  • Administrators can monitor tasks completion for different properies in real time via a web dashboard.
task completion reports

Task Completion Records, Reminders and Alerts

  • Authorized personnel can review completed tasks lists in real time via a web dashboard.
  • Filter records by multiple parameters to find required information fast.
  • Make sure that all maintenance tasks are performed on time. Indicate how often a specific task set should be performed, and receive automatic notification when it is time to do these tasks again.
  • Customize reminders: set how many days in advance you want to receive an email alert, what should be the subject and the text of an e-mail message.
  • Receive alerts if tasks are not performed on time.

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