Real Time Shop Floor Data Collection With Barcode Scanning

QR Inventory
Real time shop floor data collection for manufacturing process, barcode scanning using smartphones.
MISys Manufacturing
Comprehensive MRP system for small to medium sized manufacturing firms.
Comprehensive Business Solution
Link real time inventory and production process tracking to the back-end MRP system.

Real Time Shop Floor Data Collection With Barcode Scanning: MISys Manufacturing Integration

How Does QR Inventory Supplements MISys Manufacturing Software

With QR Inventory you can track and collect data on the shop floor and send them to back-end system, such as MISys Manufacturing, in real time.

QR Inventory is a connected mobile-cloud software for inventory management, asset tracking, mobile data collection, process tracking and traceability. Using QR Inventory mobile application, you can:

  • track inventory transactions on the shop floor in real time using smartphone for barcode scanning and data entry
  • track manufacturing process progress, update project status on a smartphone
  • fill out mobile forms that accompany the process, such as quality control forms, product acceptance forms, inspection checklists, etc.
  • look up completed tasks for the project, project information, inventory stock and locations by scanning barcode / QR code with a smartphone
  • track building of assemblies against the composition list

QR Inventory is very flexible and allows you to customize many aspects of your inventory management and manufacturing process tracking via the web dashboard. You can:
  • create custom inventory transaction types
  • create custom fields for assets and inventory
  • define what data to collect for inventory transactions
  • create custom mobile forms to fill out
  • create custom workflows, link forms to the workflow steps
  • create pdf reports based on your custom template
  • and more ...

QR Inventory - MISys Manufacturing integration allows you to track inventory and manufacturing processes on the shop floor using regular smartphones, then send collected information to MISys Manufacturing in real time.

QR Inventory - MISys Manufacturing Integration Points

Export Assemblies Composition And Pre-Create Assemblies In QR Inventory

You can use MISys manufacturing order number to create serialized assemblies in QR Inventory for this order, export generic assembly composition list and attach it to the created assemblies. When building the assemblies, an employee will be able to pull assembly composition list on a smartphone, including name, quantity and units of measure. (S)he than will scan specific batch number / lot number of the material that went into each serialized assembly against a generic item in the composition list.
This way your employees will know exactly what should be added to each assembly, and won't need to do any manual entries while recording assembly composition - just scan in lot number of added materials with a smartphone. You will always know what materials where used in what assembly for traceability purpose.

Pre-Fill Custom Fields In QR Inventory Based On MISys Data

No need to do double entries. When you create a new batch / lot number in QR Inventory, pre-fill all custom fields based on the MISys parent inventory item.

Link QR Inventory Transactions To MISys Transactions

Track inventory on the factory floor in real time using a smartphone, and automatically perform corresponding actions in MISys Manufacturing.

QR Inventory gives you much more flexibility than MISys in the way of recording inventory transactions. You can create custom transaction types based on your specific business requirements, and define what additional data you need to collect for each transaction type, if any.

MISys integration allows you to link QR Inventory transactions to the common actions in MISys. For example, you can create "restocking" transaction in QR Inventory for receiving supplies and materials, and link it to "Receive Items" transaction in MISys Manufacturing. Other actions that you can automatically perform in MISys include inventory reservation for a job, using inventory to build an assembly, or completing a manufacturing order.

Tracking Manufacturing Process

Supplement MISys Manufacturing inventory management capabilities with the option to track manufacturing processes. QR Inventory allows you to create custom workflows via the web dashboard, then track each project on the factory floor as it goes through the workflow steps. An employee can use a smartphone to scan QR code / barcode and:

  • Review current project status and previous steps, project information.
  • Fill out forms for the current step, if applicable.
  • Add photos to the form, collect signature, create pdf report based on the form contents with photos and signature included. View, print and e-mail report from a smartphone.
  • Move a project to the next step.

As a result, you have a complete traceability and detailed records for all projects, including dates, employees, what was done and filled out forms.

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