Leased Assets Tracking With QR Codes And Mobile Forms

Mobile Asset Tracking For Leased And Loaned Equipment

QR Inventory Leased Assets Edition
Manage assets that you lease out / rent out to clients or to company employees using modern technologies: QR codes, smartphones and the cloud. No matter where rental equipment is located, you can enter it into the system, track it, access specifications, record service or maintenance, report equipment conditions by using device that you already have - your smartphone. Use barcode / QR code scanning for faster and error-free entries, custom mobile forms to collect data in the field. Centralized cloud server ensures that all employees can access equipment information in real time.

Complete Asset & Inventory Management Solution

cloud inventory softwareSoftware

Online, cloud-based barcode scanning software accessible from anywhere.
barcode scannersBarcode Scanners
Use smartphones or barcode scanners for assets scanning.
mobile computersMobile Computers
Use smartphones running iOS or Android for mobile data access and collection.
tags and labelsTags And Labels
Use barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags. Built-in tool to generate, lay out and print QR code labels.
label printerLabel Printers
Compatible with all label printers or regular office printers. We can provide pre-printed labels as well.

Asset Tracking Software That Works For You, Not The Other Way Around

mobile asset tracking
Mobile Asset Tracking Accross Multiple Locations
Track assets in the office or in the field in real time using barcode scanning. Use smartphones as scanners or regular barcode scanners - it is your choice. Record equipment check in, check out, shipping to a client, return, repair and service and other events as needed.
qr codes, upc barcodes, nfc tags scanning
QR Codes, NFC Tags or UPC Barcodes Scanning
Use what is convenient for you: QR codes, barcodes or NFC tags. Use existing labels, or create your own using QR Inventory built-in QR code generation and printing tool. We can also supply pre-printed QR code labels.
cloud asset tracking
Connected Cloud - Mobile Asset Tracking System
All data collected in the field or entered via the web interface are stored in a secure cloud and are available to all authorized users in real time. Access assets locations, transaction history, complete asset life-cycle, assets inventory and usage, and more.
mobile forms
Data Collection Using Mobile Forms
Create custom mobile forms using web dashboard, and your employees will be able to fill them out when recording asset transactions. Take picture(s) with a smartphone and attach to the form if needed to document equipment conditions.
track asset life-cycle
Track An Entire Life-Cycle Of Each Asset
Track entire life-cycle of each asset, from receiving through rentals, leases, repairs and service to disposal. Access all asset details, location and entire asset history via the web dashboard with one click.
assets custom fields
Custom Fields
Create custom fields for assets, as well as for clients locations to hold all required information. Access and update asset information by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.
asset types and groups
Categorize Assets
Manage asset types and categories via the web dashboard. Select asset types from drop-down list rather then typing in to avoid errors. Bulk add assets of the same type with different serial numbers. Scan serial numbers in or paste a list into a form.
asset warranty expiration reminders
Service & Reminders
Create custom reminders to receive alerts when warranty is about to expire or preventive maintenance is due. Specify all reminder parameters: how many days in advance you want to receive a reminder, e-mail address, message subject and text.
assets reservation
Assets Reservation
Reserve assets for the upcoming events, clients or projects using built-in assets reservation system. Make sure that you always have assets available for the upcoming projects, control assets check in and check out.
customizable inventory control system
Scalable and Customizable
QR Inventory will grow with your business, from one user to 1,000+. Control all aspects of your assets management process via the intuitive web interface.
Flexible Hosting Options
Host on our server, on your network or get a private server on our network - it is your choice.
simple to use asset tracking software
Simple To Learn And Use
QR Inventory is feature rich but is surprisingly easy to learn and use - try it out for yourself.

See It For Yourself - Mobile Asset & Inventory Tracking In Action