Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

QR Code Based Mobile Ordering For B2B Restocking Orders

QR Code Ordering module allows your customers to place restocking orders with you by scanning QR code or barcode on the items with a smartphone. Make ordering from you easier for the customers, eliminate ordering mistakes.

Automate Ordering For Your Customers

Make placing restoking order easy for your customers. As soon as an employee notices that supplies or materials are running low, all (s)he needs to do is scan QR code labels on the low inventory items to place a restocking order. Order can go to the office for approval, or directly to the supplier (you).

Eliminate Ordering Mistakes

Eliminate ordering mistakes associated with phone, fax or online ordering. When an employee scans QR code on the item, the system knows exactly what item should be included in the order - no mistakes or mix ups.

Eliminate Stock-Outs And Rush Orders

QR code based ordering allows a customer to place an order on the spot, with one scan, as soon as (s)he notices that stock is running low. On time order placement reduces stock-outs and rush orders, helping both you and your customer.

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