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QR Inventory For Your Asset & Inventory Management Project

your asset and inventory management project It is not always easy to match list of features or a software tour with your business needs, or visualize how software you are looking at will fit into your business flow. We are here to help you understand everything you need to know before committing to QR Inventory. Please, contact us to discuss your project and if QR Inventory is a good fit.
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How Will QR Inventory Help Me Control Assets and Inventory?

If you are reading this, you are probably managing your assets and inventory now with a spreadsheet at best, or paper and pencil - and come to the situation where it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of everything in this manner. You probably lost some valuable assets, and ran out of inventory in the least suitable moment.
QR Inventory will help you take assets and inventory under control: organize, label, keep track of locations and quantity. You will always know where your assets are and what you have in stock in each location. You will be able to automatically receive low inventory alerts. You will be able to review history of transactions and usage statistics.
If you are in service and maintenance business, QR Mobile Data will help you take care of this part of business as well.
If your goal is to organize and control assets and inventory, QR Inventory will help you to achieve this goal.

Why QR Inventory and not Other Inventory Management Software?

QR Inventory has several distinctive features that set it apart - you decide if these features are important for you:

  1. QR Inventory is Web-Based
    QR Inventory is online system that you can access from anywhere. However, deployment is flexible - you can host it with us or on your network.

  2. Barcode Scanning Without Purchasing Hardware
    You have a power of barcode scanning / mobile computers functionality without purchasing expensive hardware. QR Inventory uses smartphones for scanning, information entry and look up - any employee who is handling assets and / or inventory can process inventory transactions in the field or office using his/her own smartphone.

  3. Use NFC Tags For Fast Inventory Processing
    QR Inventory supports NFC tags reading with NFC enabled smartphones, which allows you to process high volume asset and inventory transactions fast.

  4. QR Inventory is Easily Customizable
    You can customize many aspects of your inventory management process to fit your business workflow - from custom transaction types and properties, to custom fields for assets and inventory to custom mobile forms for field data collection, and more.

  5. Use Smartphone to Enter Initial Stock In the Warehouse or Job Site
    QR Inventory simplifies a process of initial inventory and assets entry using barcode / qr code scanning.

  6. Customer Support
    No software is good if you are not receiving adequate customer support. With QR Inventory you can be sure that your questions will be answered in a timely manner.


Will QR Inventory Work For My Situation?

It of course depends on what your situation is. We understand that sometimes it is not that easy to match your requirements with a list of features, so we are happy to help you. Please, contact us, describe what your project is, and we will let you know if QR Inventory is a good fit for it.
Dont't want to write long essays and prefer to discuss your project over a phone? Please, use contact form to give us a brief idea of what you are trying to achieve, and what dates / times you are available for a phone conference - and we will set it up.

What Is Involved In QR Inventory Setup?

You will need to import or enter your current assets and inventory, label your items and enter current locations and stock. If it is your first inventory management software, collecting locations and current stock information can be very time consuming, but QR Inventory makes it easy for you. Once your assets / inventory are in the system (we offer free import of your data as part of a setup), you can use QR Inventory software to generate and print labels, and QR Inventory smartphone application to enter location / stock data by scanning a label when you put it on the item.

How Mush Does It Cost?

The cost depends on your project: what modules do you need, if you need customization, whether you want to host with us or on your network, and how many items / users you will have. As a ballpark figure, if you want to host with us your setup fee will range between $195.00 and $995.00. The monthly fee will range between $45.00 and $180.00 / month depending on the number of users / items you have. If you plan to purchase the system and host on your network, you cost will range between $1,700.00 and $3,000.00. Please, contact us to get a quote for your project.

Can I Try QR Inventory Before Purchasing?

Yes, we have a test drive area where you can work with a live software. We also have a lot of materials that will help you understand how QR Inventory works: intoductory videos, overview of specific tasks, product tour. Please check out all materials and sign up for a test drive here.


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