Assets Management For Events Using QR Codes, Smartphones And The Cloud

Online Asset Reservation & Management System For Events, Trade Shows, Exhibits

Asset reservation system is an add-on module to QR Inventory Leased Assets Edition. Use smartphones and QR Code scanning to reserve and manage assets for events, trade shows or exhibits. Check assets out for the event and process returns by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Plan ahead, reserve assets for the trade shows and exhibits and check assets availability for the future events. Once assets are reserved, QR Inventory will ensure that assets check outs will not interfere with the upcoming reservations.

Manage Trade Show Assets And Inventory With A Smartphone

Use smartphone and QR code scanning to reserve assets for the events, as well as check out assets and record assets return. Check real time assets location, asset check out and returns history via admin web dashboard. Check assets availability for the future events and tradeshows.

Collect Information Using Custom Mobile Forms

Create custom mobile forms via the web admin dashboard, and your employees will be able to access and fill them out on their smartphones during assets check out, return, or to report assets damage. Record all information you need (event, location, asset condition upon return, etc.), and it will be available in real time via an admin dashboard. Use smartphone to take image(s) and attach to the asset transactions for visual documentation, and obtain user signature if applicable.

Reserve Assets For Upcoming Trade Shows, Events, Exhibits

Place reservations for the assets that you will need for the future event or trade show on a smartphone by scanning QR codes or by searching for the right asset. Add all required assets to the transaction and submit once. You can place assets reservation via the web interface as well.
Once reservation is placed, you get an immediate feedback if some of the assets in the reservation are not available.

Update Assets Reservations

Update assets reservations as needed: change dates, list of required assets, etc. Get immediate feedback if some of the assets are not available for the updated reservation. Cancel reservations, and reserved assets will be released to the pool of assets available for check out.

Make Sure Reserved Assets Are Not Checked Out

QR Inventory will ensure that assets check outs will not interfere with the upcoming reservations, and reserved assets are always available for the check out on the selected date.

Missing Assets Report

Review reports on requested assets that are not available, by event or total. Plan ahead and know which assets you need to order to fulfill upcoming requests.

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