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Inventory Management For Startups And Growing Small Businesses

Inventory management may be not the first thing on the startup business priorities list. However, as your manufacturing or service startup company starts growing, lack of a good inventory management system will create a lot of pain, lost productivity and revenue.
QR Inventory software is a perfect fit for the startups and growing businesses - just like you, we are using the new technologies to make our product efficient, simple to use and affordable. QR Inventory uses QR codes, mobile forms, smartphones and cloud technologies for real time inventory tracking and data access that is easy to deploy and learn. Your business workflow is unique, and QR Inventory is flexible enough to accommodate this - you can customize every aspect of your inventory management process, from inventory transaction types to custom mobile forms to custom fields for assets and inventory.

  • Inventory management system easy to deploy, learn and use
  • Real time inventory and assets tracking, in the field, warehouse or office
  • Use mobile devices for inventory tracking, and save money on expensive inventory management hardware
  • Use mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS or android) for barcode / QR code scanning, processing inventory transactions, information look up and field data collection
  • Add images and photo to assets and inventory transactions, capture signatures on a smartphone, capture GPS location and create custom pdf documents
  • QR Inventory is very configurable, so it is easy to adjust it to the way you do business and create the reports you need
  • Analyze collected data to get insights into your business operations and improve your business process

Easy And Fast To Deploy Inventory Management System

When an owner of a growing small business realizes that it is time to move away from a spreadsheet and start using an inventory management software, one of the major stumble blocks is the initial inventory organization, labeling, counting and entry into the system. Once this is done, everything starts to go smoothly. However many startups and small businesses simply do not have enough time to do this first step. QR Inventory makes inventory management deployment fast and easy.
  • Use existing manufacturer's barcodes for inventory tracking - this will save you time and effort on inventory labeling.
  • If your inventory is not labeled, use QR Inventory built in QR code generation tool to quickly generate, lay out and print QR code labels.
  • Enter inventory into the system on site, by scanning QR code or barcode label with a smartphone. It works much faster than using pen and paper to collect inventory information, then manually entering collected information into the computer.
  • Initial inventory count is the most tedious and error-prone process if done manually. Using QR Inventory mobile application, you can count inventory in all locations fast and error-free by scanning QR codes or barcodes with a smartphone.
  • If you have initial inventory data in a spreadsheet, bulk import existing data into QR Inventory, including custom information on the inventory and inventory stock in all locations.
  • If you are dealing with serialized inventory (such as electronics, work tools, etc. - a lot of items that are different only by serial number and that you want to track separately), you do not need to manually enter each item into the system. Fill out all the details once, then scan in or paste a list of serial numbers - and all serialized inventory of the same type is in the system.

Easy To Learn And Use Inventory Management System

In startups and small businesses, employees often "wear many hats" and do not have time to learn complicated systems. QR Inventory is intuitive, very easy to learn and use system that will help your employees be productive, not distract them from their main responsibilities.

Real Time Inventory Tracking On Site

In the inventory management system real time data access is the key. With QR Inventory, employees who are handling inventory can record inventory changes on site, in real time using a regular smartphone as barcode scanner, mobile data entry and look up tool. Submitted data are sent to a secure cloud and immediately become available to all authorized users and devices.

Save Money On Purchasing Inventory Management Hardware

The cost of the inventory management hardware (barcode scanners and mobile computers) can add up quickly, and can far exceed the cost of the software itself. With QR Inventory, your employees can use their own smartphones or tablets and achieve the same or better functionality.

Adjust Inventory management To YOUR Business Workflow

QR Inventory is very flexible, so that you could easily adjust it to your specific business requirements and workflow. You can
  • define what inventory transactions you need
  • create custom mobile forms to be filled out during inventory transactions
  • create custom inventory variants (size, color, etc.)
  • define what do you want to track (clients, projects, expiration dates, equipment conditions, etc., etc.)
  • create custom fields to hold all required information on inventory items, including images
  • decide on inventory tracking units: track by SKU, batch or lot number, serial number
  • and more...

Building Custom Products

If your business involves building custom products, assemblies & kits module of QR Inventory will allow you to:
  • Manage Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  • Create multi-level assemblies (assemblies can include sub-assemblies, etc.)
  • Track inventory and assets that were used to build a product, by SKU, batch number or serial number. Items that are used for building an assembly are automatically removed from the inventory.
  • Calculate how many assemblies you can build from inventory on hand, and what do you need to order to build specified number of assemblies.
  • Track project stages as you build custom products.
  • Build serialized assemblies against a composition list.
  • Track serial and lot numbers of the components installed on the assembly.
  • Keep documentation in order: create custom inspection / quality control forms that your employees can fill out on the smartphone as the work progresses.

Accounting Integration

QR Inventory is integrated with the popular small business accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Xero and Intacct, and have its own accounting module. Integrate inventory transactions with financial transactions (such as bills and invoices) without a need for data copying and double entry.

Inventory Software That Grows With Your Business

Grow from one user to 1000+, add functionality as your business grows. QR Inventory has a modular structure that allows you to add functionality on demand at the moment you need it.

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