Office Assets Tracking Software: QR Code Scanning, Mobile Application And Cloud Software

Manage office assets, from computers and hard drives, to video equipment, to desks and chairs using QR Inventory mobile application for QR code / barcode scanning. Use QR Inventory backend cloud software and web dashboard for office assets reports.

  • Use QR Inventory mobile application for barcode / QR code scanning to efficiently manage office assets / equipment.
  • Check assets in and out, assign to employees, record assets movements and relocation.
  • Fill out custom checklists upon assets return / re-assignment using mobile forms in QR Inventory mobile application.
  • Take photos with a smartphone to document assets conditions upon checkout and return.
  • Store assets documentation in a secure cloud as digital records, access on demand from anywhere.
  • Track and review the entire life-cycle of each asset: transactions history, usage, assignments history, damages and repairs, etc.
  • Conduct periodic assets audits using mobile application and QR code scanning. Automatically identify discrepancies and missing assets.
  • Manage assets count and inventory.

Use QR Code Scanning To Track Office Assets

Track office assets efficiently using QR Inventory mobile application and barcode / QR code scanning. Review real time assets status via QR Inventory web dashboard.

Track office assets efficiently using regular smartphones with QR Inventory mobile application for barcode / QR code scanning, data entry and look up. Record receiving of the new assets, assign assets to the employees / locations. If office employees borrow and return assets for the projects, check assets in and out fast by scanning all assets and employee's badge.
Custom fields and custom mobile forms allow you to define what exact information you want to track, record and report for each type of asset transaction. Fill out mobile forms on a smartphone when checking assets in or out, take photos to document asset conditions on check out and return.

Track Office Assets Maintenance And Repairs

Track assets repairs and maintenance on a smartphone using QR code scanning and custom mobile forms.

Create custom mobile forms to track assets repairs and maintenance. Technicians who service the assets will scan asset QR code / barcode to download relevant forms, fill the form for the task at hand and submit the form to the cloud in real time.
Access assets maintenance records and statistics for each asset via the QR Inventory web dashboard. Identify assets that require repairs frequently, and the most frequent problems.

QR Code Scanning For Accessing Asset Information

Access asset data and history on a smartphone or computer from anywhere.

Need to know asset specifications, ownership trail, maintenance and service history? Access this information on site by scanning asset label or NFC tag with a smartphone running QR Inventory mobile application. You are in the complete control of what information needs to be recorded and accessed.

Easy Office Assets Labeling and Entry

Use pre-printed QR code / barcode labels to label a new office asset. Enter asset into the system on a smartphone, or on the computer. Bulk enter assets of the same type.

Label office assets and enter them into the QR Inventory software in one swipe by scanning an attached label (it can be QR code, barcode or NFC tag). Select asset name and group from the list instead of typing it in each time. This process not only speeds up assets entry, but prevents errors and mistyping.
If you need to enter multiple assets of the same type that are different only by a serial number, you do not need to enter each asset into the system one by one. Enter asset information once, then scan in all serial numbers.
Have a list of assets to enter? You can bulk import the list into the system with all custom data specific to your assets.

Easy Office Assets Check In, Check Out, Transfer

Record assets transactions using QR Inventory mobile application for QR code / barcode scanning and data entry.

Scan QR code, barcode or NFC tag on an asset to check in, check out, transfer to a different location, send an asset to repair, discard damaged assets, etc. Create custom transaction types via the web interface, and these transactions will appear in the QR Inventory smartphone application. Define what additional information you need to collect for each asset transaction type, and your employees will be able to fill it out on a smartphone when processing a transaction.
If needed, your employees can take photos using a smartphone camera and attach them to the asset transaction, as well as collect electronic signatures on a smartphone.

Track Individual Assets, Asset Types and Groups

You can track and access a history of each individual asset, but also a total count of assets of each type and group in different locations.

Track assets of the same type (e.g. laptop, iPad, etc.) individually by their serial number. Access a complete life-cycle of each individual asset, from receiving to loans and returns to repairs and service to disposal.
Keep track of the assets inventory (total quantity of each asset type, e.g. how many laptops) available for checking out or on hand. Access list of the individual assets, as well as assets inventory at each location.

Office Assets Audits

Verify that all assets are in place using smartphones for barcode / QR code scanning.

Use audit module to conduct assets audit, verify that all assets are in place and identify discrepancies. You can do planned asset audits of the entire office or facility, where multiple employees can scan in assets in their designated areas. Each employee can also periodically conduct ad-hoc audits of the assets assigned to him, in his or her location or custody.

Asset audits are fast and error free - office employees conduct asset audits using smartphones and QR code / barcode scanning. They see running scanned batch on a smartphone screen, and can submit each batch to the cloud at any time.

Audit reports give you a list of scanned assets, assets count and automatically identify discrepancies with the assets on the books. Identify at a glance missing or extra assets in each location, review statistics based on multiple audits.

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