Food Traceability Software: Lot Number Tracking With A Smartphone And Barcode Scanning

Food traceability software without tons of paperwork and headache

Lot number tracking and food traceability are the important components of the inventory management process for the food manufacturers. QR Inventory makes it easy to track lot numbers of ingredients and finished product batches, collect and preserve traceability information and comply with the food traceability requirements.

  • Track lot numbers of raw materials, finished goods and intermediate products on the shop floor using mobile devices for barcode scanning and data collection.
  • Track each product batch through the manufacturing process from start to finish.
  • Record lot numbers of ingredients used in the intermediate and finished product.
  • Collect additional traceability information on each process step using mobile forms.
  • Define what data should be collected via the web dashboard.
  • Split finished product batch into units for the distribution. Track lots distribution, record any additional information using mobile devices.
  • All information collected on the shop floor with mobile devices is sent to the centralized cloud location, and is available to all authorized users in real time.
  • The whole process is fast and error free. There is no need for manual entries and double entries - your employees can collect all traceability information during the production process fast without being distructed from their main responsibilities. Collected information is securily stored, easily searchable and is immediately available to all stakeholders.
  • If a problem is discovered with any of the ingredients or finished product batches, you are always prepared. You can quickly find where the problem batch had been distributed, when, and issue a recall. If the problem is with an ingredient or a component, you can easily find all products where a specific ingredient batch was used.
  • Don't just react to the recalls - prevent them. Analyze collected data for the correlations between the problem batch and the manufacturing conditions. Identify possible causes for the problem and take steps to prevent the same problem from happening again.
  • Use mobile forms for the food safety inspections, audits and quality control.
  • Optional blockchain plug-in allows for the safe sharing of food traceability information among supply chain partners.

Lot Traceability, Lot Number Tracking For The Food Products

Lot number tracking requires a lot of paperwork, which is hard to manage when done manually. QR Inventory automates lot number tracking and eliminates all physical paperwork. Shop floor employees track lot numbers of ingredients and final products using mobile devices for barcode scanning and entering tracability information. Each product lot is tracked through the entire production process, with required data and observations collected on each step.

The time spent on lot traceability and compliance documentation is minimal. All your employees need to do is scan QR code or barcode with QR Inventory mobile application, add any additional observations / notes and submit transaction.

Administrators can access submitted records on demand and search by multiple parameters to quickly find all traceability information. If you need to issue a recall, you can do it fast and limit the scope to only affected product lots. Analytical reports will help you identify the cause of the problem and avoid similar problems in the future.

Using Ingredients Lists For Lot Number Tracking

QR Inventory makes it easy to assemble final product batch from the ingredients, and track lot numbers of used ingredients. You can create a generic list of ingredients for all final products, then apply this list to each new product batch without a need to re-enter. While creating a finished product batch, scan lot number of each ingredient against its generic name on the list - and everything is recorded and saved.

Alternatively, you can do ad hoc assemblies building without using a list - just scan added ingredients and enter quantities. Mix and match both methods to accommodate your workflow and production process.

Real Time Food Traceability On The Shop Floor

Lot tracking and data collection is done on the shop floor in real time using mobile devices. Employees can use their own devices (smartphones or tablets) or company issued devices.

For barcode / QR code scanning you can use mobile application and smartphone camera, no additional barcode scanning hardware is required. If you need to process high-volume inventory transactions fast, you can use a hand-held barcode scanner attached to the smartphone or tablet. QR Inventory is natively integrated with Socket Mobile line of barcode scanners. Native integration allows you to process inventory transactions very fast, by scanning one item after another without interruption, extra clicking or navigation.

While recording inventory transactions, you can collect any traceability data that you need to keep and report. These data may include serial numbers of containers, instruments and equipment used, observations, process conditions, safety forms, etc., etc. You define what data to collect via the web dashboard, and your employees will be able to record this information on the mobile devices.

All collected records are instantly sent to a central database and can be accessed on demand by all authorized employees, on the computers in the office and on the mobile devices on the shop floor.

Using Blockchain For End-To-End Food Traceability

Food traceability usually does not start and stop within your company. You probably buy raw ingredients or pre-fabricated food products from other suppliers, and / or perhaps you are shipping the product to the customer who is not an end user. When each supply chain company records traceability information in it's own internal traceability software system at best, and using paper and pencil at worst, each company needs to do more manual work and it is still impossible to get the entire traceability picture.

Our Shared Traceability solution, which is based on blockchain technology solves this problem. It allows companies within a supply chain network to share traceability data, so that all supply chain partners have an immediate access to the complete, end-to-end traceability information. Shared Traceability can be used as an add-on to QR Inventory or as a stand alone product. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about Shared Traceability or would like to try it out.

Track Final Products Distribution And Storage

Once final product batch is created, you can easily split it into units (lbs, liters, trays, packages, etc.) for shipping to the customers or further use in production. QR Inventory will automatically pro-rate ingredient's quantities for each unit, preserving all collected lot traceability information. Once the split is done, you can use the product batch in the other products, store it for the future use and / or ship to the customers.

As with all inventory transactions done in QR Inventory, you define what additional data to collect when you record shipping transactions. These may include tracking numbers, delivery date, notes, etc. You can use recorded data to quickly sort through shipping transactions and find the ones you need.

Food Traceability And Reports

In case of a reported problem, find all affected items and information that you need for problem investigation and recall fast:
  • In case of a reported problem with an ingredient, find all product batch(es) containing an ingredient with the specified lot number.
  • In case of a reported problem with a final product, find lot numbers of ingredients used in the specified batch, what other product batches have these ingredients.
  • Find everything about affected batches distribution: where they were distributed, when, how many units, how many you may still have in stock and where.
  • Review recorded details for ingredients and final product batches.
  • Use multiple search filters to find required traceability data fast.
  • Use analytical reports to find correlations and common issues for the affected product lots, whether it is a supplier, production conditions, equipment used in production, etc. Use these reports to identify and eliminate the problem.

Food Safety Inspections And Audits

Use mobile data collection module (also known as QR Mobile Data) to create custom mobile forms for recording food safety inspections on the shop floor. Inspections records are stored in a secure cloud, are accessible on demand at any time and are easily searchable. You can review records online, download records and create custom formatted pdf reports for external auditors in one click. Check out more information on mobile inspections for the food processors.

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