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Mobile Medical Device Inventory Management Software

Medical Device And Supplies Management Software At A Glance

Get a full control of medical devices and supplies with the QR Inventory software. Track clinic and hospital inventory in real time with the QR code mobile app. Access live data from anywhere via a cloud software web dashboard.

Medical Inventory Management Software Features And Benefits

    Medical Inventory Software Features

  • Mobile inventory tracking. Easily track medical devices, supplies and consumables in real time with a mobile app.
  • QR code scanning. Use QR code or barcode scanning for the medical equipment identification and fast data recording.
  • Mobile forms for medical devices paperwork. Use a smartphone and mobile forms for the fast and efficient medical devices delivery and pick up paperwork.
  • Customer signature. Obtain a customer signature for the medical devices rental and consignment.
  • Real time inventory updates. Real time medical devices and inventory status updates in the central database.
  • Live inventory data access. Live data access for the authorized software users, in the mobile app and on the office computers.
  • Alerts and reminders. Custom alerts on low inventory, due dates, warranty expiration and preventive maintenance.
  • Customizable software system. Custom medical inventory software configuration based on the needs of your clinic or hospital.

    Medical Inventory Software Benefits

  • Increased productivity. No manual work or double entries in a desktop software. Easily track medical devices and supplies using a mobile app.
  • Accurate inventory records. QR code or barcode scanning help you avoid manual data entry errors and process inventory transactions fast.
  • Live inventory data access. Medical inventory management system provides live data access to all authorized software users.
  • Streamlined completion of medical device forms. You can complete all forms related to the medical devices delivery and pick up fast on a smartphone. No paper forms, mix ups and double entries.
  • Digital records on devices and supplies. All paperwork related to medical devices that is completed in the mobile app is securely stored in the cloud. You can access records on demand from anywhere.
  • Patients safety. Accurate inventory management system ensures that the right medical supplies for patients are always available.
  • Efficient medical inventory planning and ordering. A medical inventory management software helps companies identify supplies usage patterns and trends, do better planning and demand forecasting.

How Medical Device And Supplies Management Works In The QR Inventory Software

Medical Device Management, Maintenance And Paperwork


Medical Devices Tracking With The Mobile App And QR Codes

With the QR Inventory software you can track medical devices leases and use in real time using a barcode scanning mobile app. Whether you use medical devices internally, manufacture and sell medical devices, or lease them to the hospitals or long term care facilities, you will have an accurate digital records. You will be able to review real time location of medical devices, transactions history and usage reports via a cloud software web interface.


Using Mobile Forms For Medical Devices Paperwork

Medical devices sale or lease are often accompanied by a lot of paperwork. In the QR Inventory software you can fill out this paperwork fast, on the smartphones or tablets, using mobile forms.

You can create custom forms to record info that you need for your medical devices, and collect customer signature on a smartphone. Once completed, forms are sent from the mobile app to a back end cloud software in real time.

Authorized software users can access digital records for the medical devices on demand via a cloud software web dashboard.

Medical Devices Calibration And Maintenance

All medical devices need periodic maintenance, inspections, calibration, service and repairs. You can use mobile forms in the QR Inventory software to record these events on a smartphone. Mobile forms in the QR Inventory software are designed for the fast and easy completion in the field. Once completed, they are instantly available for review by all authorized software users, on the mobile devices in the field and computers in the office.

The other aspect of it is that preventive maintenance and calibration are often forgotten. A QR Inventory software will not let you do this. You will be able to create custom alerts and receive e-mails when any of the important events are due. This includes preventive maintenance, calibration, warranty expiration, and more.

Medical Inventory Management And Tracking


Managing Medical Inventory With The QR Code Scanning

Employees of hospitals and clinics have enough on their plate besides counting inventory and filling out spreadsheets. A QR Inventory software and a QR code scanning mobile app make inventory management a breeze. Clinic or hospital staff can record supplies receiving and usage in seconds using a mobile app. All they need to do is scan QR codes with the mobile app, and submit data to a back end cloud software with one click.

A mobile app updates inventory records in the central database in real time. Authorized software users can always review current supplies and inventory stock in all locations.

Medical Inventory Replenishment And Expiration

A medical inventory management software will help you keep supplies stock at the optimal level - not too much, not too little. You can set re-order point globally and for the individual locations, and receive automatic e-mail alerts when it is time to re-order.

A lot of medical supplies have an expiration date. A QR Inventory software will alert you when the expiration date is approaching, so that you could use this batch first and avoid waste.

Lot Number Tracking And Traceability For Medical Inventory

Many medical supplies require traceability, and should be tracked by the lot number rather than SKU. A QR Inventory software allows you to do just that, easily and efficiently.

Each time you receive a new lot, you can enter it into a software system in a mobile app. You can include any info specific to this lot, such as manufacturer, date when it was produced and received, and other lot properties that you need to keep track of. When inventory lot is in the system, you can track and trace it through your internal process. You can always all required data on the lot by scanning a QR code or via a cloud software dashboard.

Tracking medical inventory by the lot number ensures that in case of the problem you can always find out where each lot is stored, what part of it was already distributed / given to the patients, and take actions.

Medical Asset Management In Clinics And Hospitals


Medical Asset Management Using A Mobile App And QR Codes

Hospital assets, such as wheelchairs, stretchers, beds, etc. need to be tracked, as well as cleaned and sanitized on the regular basis. Using a QR Inventory mobile app you will spend minimal time on tracking medical asset location in the hospital, as well as keeping track of asset related tasks.

When an asset is moved, a scan of a QR code will update its location in the central database. Admin software users can always review location of all hospital assets via a single web dashboard.

When hospital staff does cleaning or sanitation of the assets, the only thing they need to do to record it is to scan a QR code, and perhaps add notes. The event, date, time and employee who did the cleaning will be recorded automatically and written to the central database. You will be able to access and download cleaning logs for all hospital assets via the cloud software web dashboard.

With the QR Inventory software you will not miss required tasks. You will receive alerts with a list of assets that is due for cleaning or sanitation each day.

Automated Medical Asset Management With Bluetooth IoT System

Hospital staff does not necessarily have time to scan wheelchairs, stretches and other assets when they have to take care of patients in distress. An IoT asset tracking system might be a better solution for the hospital equipment.

An IoT asset tracking system is fully automated and does not require any actions from the hospital employees. A Bluetooth IoT gateway scans for the assets tagged with the BLE tags, and sends updates to the back end cloud software at pre-set time intervals.

Admin software users can access location of assets in all parts of the hospital via a single web dashboard.

The asset tracking system helps you identify missing and misplaced assets fast using an alarm system. You can configure the alarms for a single asset or an asset group yourself based on your preferences.

For the sensitive medical equipment you can add an IoT temperature and humidity monitoring system, and have a peace of mind. You will get digital logs for asset conditions 24/7, and alerts if anything goes wrong.

All in all, an IoT asset tracking system will help you keep medical assets under control, will make sure you always have what you need, prevent assets misplacement and adverse conditions - all without distracting hospital staff from their main job.

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