Medical Devices And Medical Supplies Inventory Management

Track medical devices on consignment, medical devices sale and rentals, medical supplies inventory in real time using a smartphone, QR Inventory mobile application and barcode scanning.

  • Track medical devices inventory on consignment, in the field, and in the storage locations in real time.
  • Track medical supplies and consumables.
  • Track internal medical devices, medical devices sales and rentals.
  • Use smartphones or tablets and QR Inventory mobile application for barcode scanning and processing medical devices and supplies transactions.
  • Fill out a paperwork for the medical devices delivery and pick up on site, using a smartphone or tablet and mobile forms.
  • Obtain a customer signature for the medical devices delivery for the rental and consignment.
  • All inventory transactions for the medical devices and supplies done on a smartphone using mobile application update central database in real time.
  • Authorized employees can access up to the minute medical devices locations and medical supplies stock in all locations in the field using mobile application, and on the office computer via the web interface.
  • All documentation associated with the medical devices rentals and sales are stored as digital documents in a secure cloud, is easily searchable and is accessible on demand.
  • Create alerts for replenishing medical supplies stock, and for the expiration dates of the medical consumables.
  • QR Inventory software is very configurable, so it is easy to adjust it to the way you do business. Confure all aspects of the madecal devices and supplies management process. Create required inventory transactions, define what data to collect for each transaction, create custom mobile forms and checklists, custom alerts, and more.

Medical Devices Inventory Management, Tracking And Maintenance

With QR Inventory software you can track medical devices in real time, in the field, on the client site and in the storage location(s), using smartphones and QR Inventory mobile application for barcode scanning. Whether you use medical devices internally, manufacture and sell medical devices, or rent medical devices to the hospitals or long term care facilities, you will have an accurate information on the medical devices locations, transactions and usage.

QR Inventory software allows you define what exact medical devices transactions you need to record and what data do you want to collect for each transaction. For the medical devices that you are using internally in the hospitals, clinics or long term care facilities, you can record which procedure a device was used, patient name, notes, etc. For medical devices rentals you can record the full cycle: pick up a medical device from the storage, delivery to the client, pick up from the client and return to the storage. All documentation associated with the medical devices rentals can be filled out on a smartphone using mobile forms / checklists. You can also obtain a customer signature on a smartphone, that becomes a part of the medical device documentation.

All medical devices need periodic maintenance, inspections, calibration, service and repairs. With QR Inventory, you will be able to record medical devices service, maintenance, etc. using mobile forms / checklists in QR Inventory mobile application. Create custom mobile forms and checklists via the web interface, and your employees will be able to access them on the smartphones or tablets, fill out and submit to a centralized cloud location in real time.

Make sure that the medical devices that you manage are always in a good shape and have maximum life span. Create custom reminders to alert you when the next preventive maintenance or routine inspection is due, and always do it on time.

Medical Supplies Inventory Management

Medical employees have enough on their plate besides inventory counting and filling out spreadsheets. QR Inventory software allows medical and support staff to easily record medical supplies receiving and usage without distracting them from their main responsibilities.

Whenever a new batch of the medical supplies is received, used, or disposed, a person who is handling inventory only needs to scan QR code / barcode labels with a smartphone to record inventory transaction.

Recorded medical supplies inventory transactions update central inventory database in real time, so anyone with the access to the QR Inventory system can always review current medical supplies inventory stock in all locations.

You can set re-order level for the medical inventory and supplies, and receive automatic e-mail alerts when it is time to re-order.

Medicines and other medical supplies have an expiration date. QR Inventory software will alert you when the expiration date is approaching, so that you could use this batch of the medicine or supplies first.

Lot Number Tracking And Traceability For The Medical Supplies And Devices

Many things in the medical industry: from medications to medical devices to medical equipment - need to be tracked by the lot number (medications and other medical inventory), or serial number (medical devices and equipment) to ensure traceability. QR Inventory software gives you an option to do this.

You decide which of the inventory and assets that you manage need to be tracked by SKU, which ones by the lot number and which ones by the serial number.

Tracking medical supplies inventory by the lot number ensures that in case of the problem you can always find out where each lot is stored, what part of it was already distributed / given to the patients, and take actions.

For medical devices and equipment, tracking by serial number ensures that you know everything about each piece of equipment: manufacturer, warranty expiration, when it was calibrated, when was the last preventive maintenance and when the next preventive maintenance is due, to whom is was sold or rented, who has it on consignment, for what patients and procedures it was used and when, and other required information.

Hospital Assets Management (Wheelchairs, Stretchers, Beds, etc.)

Hospital assets, such as wheelchairs, stretchers, beds, etc. need to be cleaned and sanitized on the regular basis. With QR Inventory you will spend minimal time on keeping track of these tasks, and will receive automatic reminders when cleaning or sanitation is due.

The only thing that hospital staff need to do to record assets cleaning or sanitation is scan QR code label. The event, date, time and employee who did the cleaning will be automatically recorded and written to the central database.

You will be able to see cleaning log of each asset by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Administrators can access and download cleaning logs for all assets via the web dashboard.

Mobile Application For The Medical Inventory Management And Data Collection

Company personnel does not need to carry around laptops and scanners to monitor medical supplies usage, record medical devices sale, delivery to the customer, use in the medical procedure, maintenance or calibration. Your employees can use their own mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS or Android), or company issued mobile devices for the barcode / QR code scanning, data collection and information look up.

All collected information is stored in a secure cloud, and is available to all authorized users in real time.

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