Non-Stock Project Based Inventory Management In Construction

Track unique, project based non-stock construction inventory that is constantly moving and is changing for each job.

Construction projects often require tracking of the non-stock , project based inventory. In the construction projects context, non-stock inventory is a unique inventory that is not stocked, but is ordered for each specific construction project. Non-stock construction projects inventory can be ordered from a vendor, supplied by the customer or fabricated on demand within the company. QR Inventory software allows you to easily track non-stock, project based construction inventory, from receiving or fabrication to the delivery on the job site and installation.

Entering Unique Project Based Construction Inventory Into QR Inventory Software

Using QR Inventory software you can easily enter non-stock project based construction inventory into the system, either on the job site or on the office computer. Job site employees only need to scan QR code / barcode label with a smartphone to enter a new non-stock inventory item into the QR Inventory software. If you prefer to use office computers, an office employee can enter project based inventory using the web dashboard in minimal time. You do not need thousands keystrokes or a lengthy setup for each unique non-stock inventory item. You can also bulk import project based construction inventory into the system.

QR Inventory software allows you to define what information to keep for the project based inventory. The information can include project number, client, and any other data that you want to store in the system - for example, item specifications, associated documentation or drawings.

Authorized employees can access inventory information in the field by scanning a QR code / barcode label with a smartphone, or on the office computer via the web dashboard.

Tracking Project Based Constructon Inventory In Real Time

Once non-stock inventory for the construction project is in the QR Inventory system, you can track inventory through the entire process in real time. Track inventory in the warehouse, on the service trucks and on the job sites by scanning QR code / barcode label with a smartphone.

QR Inventory software allows you to define your process and steps via the web dashboard, so you can easily adjust it to your specific requirements / business workflow. If you receive project based construction inventory from the vendor or a customer, you can track inventory receiving, storage, delivery to the job site, installation, etc. If you fabricate some or all non-stock inventory for the construction projects in-house, QR Inventory allows you to track the fabrication process through all production steps, as well as final product delivery and installation.

In addition to the process steps, you can define what data to collect on each process step. Construction site employees will be able to fill out the required information on the smartphone using mobile forms in QR Inventory application.

Construction Project Inventory Documentation

Each movement of the project based construction inventory is documented on site in real time. Job site employees process inventory transactions as they happen, using smartphones for QR code / barcode scanning. All required information that should accompany project based inventory movement is collected using QR Inventory mobile application.

Information may include data, notes, inspection checklists, quality control forms, as well as images and customer / supervisor signature. GPS location of the transaction, an employee who handled the transaction, and date / time of the transaction are recorded automatically.

All collected documentation is available on demand via the web dashboard to authorized users, and can be filtered by multiple parameters to quickly find required records.

Real Time Construction Project Inventory Status And Reports

All tracking information for the non-stock project inventory is sent from the mobile devices to the centralized cloud location in real time.

Authorized users of QR Inventory software can access the current project inventory status: what has been received, delivered to the job site, installed, if there are any problems, etc. via the web dashboard.

System administrators can review and download reports on current inventory status, transactions history, process history with the dates, employees and associated data collected on the mobile devices, as well as analytical and statistical reports.

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