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Mobile Data Collection For Field Asset Management In The QR Inventory Software

Improve asset management with mobile data collection. Allow field workers to capture real-time data, streamline inspections, and make smarter decisions using a QR Inventory mobile app.

Mobile forms for asset management put the power of tracking and maintaining tools and equipment right in your pocket. You can quickly fill out inspection checklists, log maintenance tasks, and scan barcodes to identify assets - all on your smartphone or tablet. Mobile forms keep your assets data up-to-date and are readily available everywhere where your job takes you.

Creating And Using Mobile Forms For Asset Management

You can create custom forms for field data collection via a cloud software web interface. Use these forms to add extra info to assets transactions, fill out inspection checklists, record maintenance and service, and fill out any other type of paperwork. Field technicians fill out forms in the mobile app, and submit completed forms to the back end cloud software in real time. All team members have live access to the submitted data. If there are any problems, you receive alerts and can act fast to fix them.

Questions on using mobile forms for asset tracking and management

How do I define what data we want to collect for asset tracking?

You can define what data to collect for asset tracking transactions using a Transactions: Trackable Properties link in the cloud software web dashboard. You can link each property to one or several transaction types. A field employee will see a correct form in the mobile app based on the selected action.

Mobile forms are designed to make data entry for the field technicians simple and fast, with minimal manual entries. A user can select values from a drop down list, checkboxes or radio buttons, get a hint list, scan in QR code or barcode, take a photo, and collect an electronic signature on a smartphone.

How do I create mobile forms for asset inspection or maintenance?

You may need to fill out mobile forms that are not related to the asset tracking records. These may be equipment maintenance forms, inspection checklists, equipment damage field report, quality control forms, etc. If you need to fill out this type of paperwork, you will need to add a mobile data collection module to the base QR Inventory software. This module allows you to create custom forms for all types of paperwork that you need to fill out for the field equipment and tools. Field technicians will be able use a mobile app to scan a QR code on the asset, access a relevant mobile form, fill it out on a smartphone and submit to the central database in real time.

How do I make mobile form fields for asset tracking display in a specific order?

The fields are displayed in the alphabetical order. If you want to force a specific order in the mobile app, use a number prefix in front of the field name, for example:

  • 01. Street Address
  • 02. City
  • 03. State
  • 04. Zip
  • 05. Phone

How do we add extra info to each asset in the transaction vs the entire assets batch?

When you create a new transaction property, you fill out a Level field. Set Level to the Transaction Level for the properties that are the same for all assets in the transaction batch. Set Level to the Item Level for the properties that should be filled out for each asset in the batch.

For example, if you are moving a batch of assets from warehouse to a job site, a job number will likely be the same for the entire batch (Transaction Level), but item conditions will have to be filled separately for each asset (Item Level).

Live Data Access For The Field Assets In the Mobile App

Optimize field asset management with real time data access from our mobile app.

Questions on real time asset data access using a mobile app

How can I access asset info in the field?

You can use a barcode scanning mobile app to instantly review info in the field. In order to do this, you need to select an Item Details button in the mobile app, then scan a barcode or a QR code on the asset. You will see detailed asset info, including pdf documents, images and drawings if available.

If you would like to see where assets are located (e.g. where are all your power washers), select a Check Stock (Assets) button, and enter the start of item ID or name. You will see a list of all tools and equipment that match your entry, along with their location. You can then pick up equipment that you may need for a job from the closest site.

Can we add or change asset info in the mobile app?

Yes, a QR Inventory software users with the right permissions can add and update asset info on a smartphone in the mobile app. They can also take photos with a smartphone camera and add these photos to the asset record.

When reviewing item details, users who have the right permissions will see an Update button. Click this button to update asset, enter more data or add photos.

Mobile Inventory Tracking With QR Inventory