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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IoT Gateway Software For Asset Tracking System

What Is An IoT Gateway Software

An IoT gateway is a physical device that runs a software that makes it perform its functions. A gateway software is responsible for reading data from the local IoT devices, processing the data, and sending data to a remote cloud server. This software can be installed on a dedicated gateway, or on the devices that people use every day, such as Linux based computers, Android tablets or phones, or iPads.

An IoT asset tracking system that comes with the QR Inventory software may include a dedicated IoT gateway based on Raspberry Pi, or a software / mobile app that you can install on your own hardware. The hardware may include iOS or Android tablets, or Linux based computers.

Bluetooth IoT Gateway Software Specs

  • Register BLE gateway with the cloud software.
  • Review registered BLE gateways, their configuration and activity via a cloud software web interface.
  • Check when the BLE IoT gateway last reported. Instantly identify potential problems and gateways going offline remotely and take actions fast.
  • Log into the BLE gateway from the local network, or using an Android or iOS mobile app.
  • Set BLE IoT gateway scanning parameters. Define how often a gateway has to scan for assets tagged with BLE tags, and scan duration.
  • Set how often asset tracking data should be sent to the remote cloud server.
  • Set different timing for working and non-working hours.
  • Specify working and non-working hours for your company.
  • Optionally you can set maximum scanning distance.
  • Set alerts for the misplaced assets. An asset is misplaced if it disappears from the location where it is supposed to be, or appears in the location where it is not supposed to be.
  • Set alerts for individual assets or assets groups.
  • Read data from the temperature and humidity BLE sensors.
  • Set alerts for out of range temperature or humidity conditions.
  • Set BLE gateway as an "exit gateway". Monitor which assets go in and out through the monitored gates, when, and which employee or truck took assets in or out.
  • Install BLE gateway software on the existing network of iPads or Android tablets, and save on hardware costs.
  • We can customize a Bluetooth gateway software for your custom IoT devices and projects.


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