Just In Time (JIT) Inventory Software With Mobile Devices And Barcode Scanning

Track just in time inventory on the shop floor and in the warehouse in real time

If you are using just in time inventory system (ordering inventory for the specific work orders / projects), QR Inventory software provides you with the tools to efficiently track inventory receiving and usage. Create a list of inventory needed for a specific work order in the system. Use barcode scanning as you track inventory receiving in the warehouse, check which items are received / not received in real time. As you start working on the order, track work in progress inventory and assemblies building on the shop floor using mobile devices for barcode scanning and recording inventory transactions.

Just In Time Inventory Management

Just in time inventory management requires different approach than stocked inventory. With just in time inventory system, you order inventory only when you need it to complete a work order / project. So instead of managing inventory stock, you need to create inventory list for each project, receive inventory against the list and check what is delivered / what is not delivered.
With QR Inventory software, you can track just in time inventory and stocked inventory, or a combination of both. Regardless of whether you have stocked inventory, or ordering inventory just in time, you will be able to track inventory receiving and usage efficiently, in real time, using mobile devices for barcode / QR code scanning, data entry and look up.

Tracking Just In Time Inventory Receiving

When you are using just in time inventory system, it is important to make sure that all ordered parts, materials and components arrive on time, and nothing fell through the cracks. Using QR Inventory you can create an inventory group / list for each project. Receive inventory in the warehouse by scanning QR code / barcode with a smartphone, and inventory list is updated in real time. Check what is received / not received at any time. Enter expected receiving date into the system, and get an automatic e-mail alert if inventory did not arrive on time.

Tracking Work In Progress Inventory On The Shop Floor

Once you start working on the order, track work in progress inventory in real time, on the shop floor, using smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning. With QR Inventory you can track building of the complex multi-level assemblies, both generic and serialized. QR Inventory makes tracking of assemblies building and work in progress inventory as easy as possible. For generic assemblies, QR Inventory uses BOM (bill of materials) to automatically adjust inventory stock as assemblies are created. Your employees only need to scan QR code on the finished assemblies once to add finished assemblies to the inventory, and subtract used components and materials.
For serialized assemblies, you can create generic components list, and scan lot numbers / serial numbers of added components against the list on the shop floor. Alternatively, you can create ad hoc assemblies without using the list. One way or another, inventory of finished goods and raw materials is automatically adjusted, and you have a full traceability for the components tracked by lot number / serial number.

Raw Materials And Finished Goods Traceability

Components and materials traceability is often a requirement for on demand manufacturing orders. With QR Inventory, you can achieve a complete traceability without physical paperwork or spreadsheets. You can record all required information on the shop floor using mobile devices, QR code / barcode scanning and mobile forms, and submit completed records to the server in real time. All data are saved in a secure cloud as digital records for review, analysis, and required documentation in case of an audit or recall.

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