Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Inventory Tracking Mobile Application: How To Use Smartphone For Tracking Assets And Inventory In The Field?

How to use QR Inventory mobile application for processing inventory transactions, data look up and entry. How to use smartphone for barcode / QR code scanning.
QR Inventory is a cloud software with supplementary mobile application (available for android and ios). Unlike many other inventory and asset tracking systems, web interface and mobile application do not have identical functionality. Instead, each device is used for what it does best. Smartphones are used for the tasks that are normally done in the field: processing inventory transactions (using smartphone for barcode scanning), stock and item information look up - all functionality that previously was done on mobile computers. Smartphone's compact size and capabilities: barcode scanning, data entry, taking photos, recording voice, determining GPS location - makes it a perfect device for this job. Web interface is used for all tasks that are usually done in the office, require more input / typing and larger screen: setting up the system, managing inventory, printing QR code labels, reviewing reports.

What Can I Use: Barcodes, QR Codes, NFC, RFID?

Can I use both barcodes and QR codes for tracking inventory using smartphone scanning?

Yes, you can use both QR codes and UPC barcodes. If your inventory already has manufacturer's barcodes, you can use them and not re-label inventory.
Important! If you are going to use manufacturer's barcode, please do not forget to enter barcode number printed under a barcode in UPC Barcode Number field. You need to do it if you are importing inventory or enter it manually online. If you are entering inventory on a smartphone, you scan manufacturer's barcode instead of entering it manually.
If your items are not labeled, you can generate, lay out and print QR code labels using QR Inventory built-in tool.

Can I use any barcode type with QR Inventory?

You can use all types of barcodes which are scannable with a smartphone camera (most of them are, but not all). If in doubt, try to scan your barcode with any generic barcode scanning application. If you can scan it, you will be able to scan the same barcode using QR Inventory mobile application.

Can I use my own QR codes?

As long as your own QR codes have a unique number encoded in them, you can use them.
Important! You will need to enter number encoded in the QR code in UPC barcode number field.
If you have something else encoded in your QR code, you still may be able to use it with customization - send us a sample and we will be able to tell you for sure if you can use it and customization cost if applicable.

Can I use NFC or RFID tags and a smartphone?

QR Inventory supports scanning of NFC tags, but you only can use Android phones to scan them. As of now, iPhone does not support NFC tags scanning. Smartphones do not have native support for scanning RFID tags. If you want to scan NFC tags with an iPhone, or RFID tags you will need to purchase a separate NFC / RFID reader that can be connected to a smartphone, and purchase an additional QR Inventory module.

How do I scan QR code with a smartphone?

Click Scan Barcode Or QR Code button in QR Inventory mobile application. Keep the phone parallel to the label surface, and move it so that QR code / barcode is entirely within the scanning window. At this point QR code will scan.

How can I scan NFC tag with a smartphone?

Just touch NFC tag with a smartphone, and it will scan. Using NFC tags you can touch assets or inventory items one by one, and they will be scanned and added to the inventory transaction batch - no need to click on the scan button and focus the camera for each scan.

Why there are separate fields for Item ID and UPC barcode number?

It is done for the situation when you have your own internal inventory line item number, which may be different from what is encoded in manufacturer's barcode. If it is not the case, enter the same number in both fields. You do not have to enter anything in UPC barcode number field if you are using QR codes generated by QR Inventory.

Can I use a regular barcode scanner along / instead of a a smartphone?

You can use regular barcode scanner as well, connected to the desktop computer or to a smartphone. You will need to purchase additional barcode scanner module in order to do this.

Processing Inventory Transactions Using A Smartphone

I am receiving an error that there is not enough inventory in the selected location to perform a transaction, but on the web dashboard I can see that inventory stock is larger than the number I entered?

Inventory and assets list on the web dashboard shows inventory stock in all locations (you can click on Breakdown link next to the stock number to check stock breakdown by locations). When you do inventory transaction, you are moving stock from a specific location. If you are receiving an error message that there is not enough inventory, it means that there is not enough inventory in the location you specified in your transaction.

How do I obtain and review signature for inventory transactions?

After you submitted a transaction, you will see a button Obtain Signature on the confirmation screen. Click on it, and there will be an option for the user to sign. Click Save, and the signature will be submitted. You will be able to view collected signature in all transaction history reports.

What smartphones can I use for inventory tracking?

You can use any smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android.

I added new fields / transaction / etc. and cannot see them in the mobile application.

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