QR Code Inventory Management And Asset Tracking In Real Time

QR codes are easily scannable by the mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, mobile computers), and therefore are perfect for inventory management and asset tracking in real time, on the job sites, service trucks and in the warehouse / shop. QR Inventory platform (web software plus mobile application for android and iOS) helps you roll out QR code inventory management and asset tracking system efficiently and in the minimal time.

Learn how you can:

  • Use QR codes for inventory management and asset tracking in the field.
  • Use QR Inventory mobile application for QR code scanning.
  • Record assets and inventory transactions by scanning QR codes.
  • Access information on the assets and inventory in the field with QR code scanning.
  • Generate QR codes for inventory and assets, print QR code labels.
  • Use the same QR code for internal inventory management and for providing information to the customers.

Using QR Codes For Inventory Management And Asset Tracking

How QR codes help you manage inventory and track assets, and how using QR codes for inventory management is different from using the regular UPC barcodes.

How can we use QR codes for inventory management and asset tracking?

The main task for inventory management and asset tracking is an accurate recording of all inventory and assets transactions. When you scan a QR code on the inventory or asset, it immediately identifies the item and ensures that your employees do not make mistakes by typing inventory / asset information manually. QR codes can be easily scanned with a smartphone, so field employees can process inventory and asset transactions on site in real time. As a result, all authorized employees have an immediate access to an accurate inventory stock and assets / equipment locations.

QR codes vs UPC barcodes: does it make a difference if we use QR code or a regular UPC barcode?

You can use either QR codes or UPC barcodes for inventory management and assets tracking. QR codes are more reliable than the regular UPC barcodes when scanned with a smartphone camera, therefore QR codes would be a better choice if your inventory and / or assets are not labeled. However, if some of your assets or inventory are already labeled with the UPC barcodes, you do not have to re-label them - assuming that these barcodes can be scanned with a smartphone camera.

Can we use the same QR code for the customers and for the internal inventory management / asset tracking?

You can use the same QR code for the customers and internal inventory management if url encoded in the QR code has a unique item ID. In this case, if a customer scans QR code with a generic mobile application, (s)he will see a web page devoted to the scanned item. If an employee who is logged into QR Inventory mobile application scans the same QR code, he will be able to perform inventory management / asset tracking tasks: record inventory transactions, access asset information and inventory stock, etc.

What equipment should we use for QR code scanning?

Normally your employees will use their own mobile devices for QR code scanning. QR Inventory mobile application is available for all mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, running android or iOS. If you prefer to use hand-held barcode scanners, you can use bluetooth barcode scanners connected to a smartphone, and / or any type of barcode scanner connected to the computer. You can also use company issued android smartphones, or mobile computers running android OS.

How do we scan QR codes with a smartphone?

You will use QR Inventory mobile application for scanning QR code labels on the assets and inventory. QR Inventory mobile application is available for android and iOS, and allows you to save money on purchasing inventory management hardware. If you need to scan items in a poorly lit areas, you can configure QR Inventory application to turn on flashlight during the scan.

How do we scan QR codes with barcode scanner

You will need a barcode scanner that is capable of scanning 2D barcodes. If you want to process inventory and asset transactions in the field, you will need a bluetooth barcode scanner that can be connected to a smartphone. QR Inventory mobile application for iPhone or iPad is natively integrated with the Socket Mobile line of bluetooth barcode scanners. QR Inventory mobile application for android will work with any bluetooth barcode scanner.

QR Inventory Mobile Application And QR Code Scanning

What inventory management / asset tracking tasks can you do using QR code scanning and QR Inventory mobile application.

Recording assets and inventory transactions with QR code scanning

Field employees can record inventory and asset transaction anywhere by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. They can do it in real time, and immediately send data to the server to update a central database. To record asset or inventory transaction in the QR Inventory mobile application, your employees will:

  • Log into QR Inventory mobile application.
  • Select inventory transaction type, from and / or to locations.
  • Scan QR codes of all inventory items and / or assets that should be added to the transaction.
  • Enter any additional information you want to collect for each transaction. Attach image(s) if applicable.
  • Submit inventory transaction to the server.
  • Optionally collect an electronic signature for the transaction.
  • GPS location of an inventory / asset transaction is recorded automatically.

Accessing asset / equipment specifications by scanning QR code

Field employees can access all required information on the asset or equipment by scanning QR code with a smartphone. Information can include equipment specifications, pdf documentation, images, drawings, previous service history and more. You define what data to store on the assets and inventory via the web dashboard.

Accessing inventory stock in all locations by scanning QR code

Field employees can find in what locations required inventory, materials or part is available by scanning QR code on the inventory item. They can get the part or inventory from the closest location, or send a request for the required inventory to the warehouse from the mobile application.

Entering inventory and initial count into the system

If you are just starting an inventory management, and do not have inventory list or count, you can enter inventory and initial count into the system fast using QR Inventory mobile application. Here is how the process of inventory entry / count works for each location:

  • Label inventory if it is not labeled yet.
  • Scan QR code on the label with a smartphone.
  • Enter inventory line item information and count.

That's all you need to do for the initial inventory entry and count.

QR code equipment maintenance

QR Inventory mobile data collection module allows you to track equipment service and maintenance in the field using custom mobile forms and QR code scanning. The process works as follows:

  • You create custom mobile forms via a web dashboard.
  • A field employee scans QR code on the equipment with a smartphone to identify it.
  • A field employee gets a list of all mobile forms relevant to the scanned equipment.
  • A field employee picks the right mobile form, fills it out and submits to the server in real time.
  • If data connection is not available, field employees can fill out multiple mobile forms offline, and submit all forms at once when connection becomes available.

You can find more information on using QR code scanning and mobile forms for tracking field equipment service and maintenance here.

Data collection using mobile forms and QR code scanning

You can collect any kind of data on your inventory, assets and equipment in the field using QR code scanning and mobile forms. The data can include:

  • Data that accompany asset / inventory transactions.
  • Field inspections and audits.
  • Equipment service and maintenance.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Task completion checklists.
  • Wquipment / property damage reports and service requests.
  • and more...

Here you can find more information on mobile forms data collection.

Generating & Printing QR Code Labels For Assets And Inventory

How you can generate and print QR code labels using QR Inventory built-in tool.

How do I generate QR codes for the assets and inventory? Can I do it using QR Inventory software?

You can generate QR codes using QR Inventory built-in tool. You can generate QR code labels for the assets and inventory that you have already entered into the system, or use pre-printed QR code labels. In case of pre-printed QR code labels, you can associate each label with an asset or inventory line item in the mobile application. To do it, you scan a label with a smartphone and select an item from the list.

Can I use existing QR code labels, or manufacturer's barcode labels?

You can use existing QR code labels with QR Inventory, as long as your labels have a unique item id number encoded in them. It can be part number, line item number, SKU, lot number or serial number - depending on whether you are dealing with assets or inventory, how do you track inventory, and the desired degree of inventory traceability. You can also use manufacturer's barcode, as long as it has a right number encoded in it: SKU number, lot number or serial number, depending on your requirements.

How do I print QR code labels?

You can layout and print QR code labels using QR Inventory built-in QR code generation and printing tool. You have an option to:
  • print one QR code label at a time
  • bulk download QR code labels in .png format for selected assets and inventory, and print offline
  • create ready-to-print pdf file with QR code labels, and print it on the sheet labels using regular office printer

Do I need to purchase a special label printer for printing QR code labels?

You do not have to purchase a special printer to print QR code labels. You can use any label printer and roll labels, or regular office printer and sheet labels. You can also order pre-printed weather-proof permanent QR code labels from us.

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