Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Field Data Collection: How Do I Access And Collect Data With QR Inventory Mobile Application?

How to collect additional information for different inventory transactions in the field using QR Inventory mobile application.
QR Inventory allows you to create custom mobile forms to enter additional information for different types of inventory transactions. What information you need to collect is up to you. You define it via the web dashboard, and mobile application will have a form for users to fill out when they perform inventory or asset transactions in the field. You can also look up inventory stock in all locations and item information.

Mobile Data Collection

How do I define what data we want to collect? Can we collect different data based on the inventory transaction type?

You define what data to collect using Transactions: Trackable Properties link in QR Inventory web dashboard top menu. When creating a field to enter additional information, you will specify for which inventory transactions this field is valid. Some transactions may have a specific set of fields, while other fields may be applicable to all transactions.
You will also be able to specify data type for the field (date, number, text, image or scan). For image fields, a user will be able to take a photo which will become a part of transaction (for example, to document equipment conditions upon return). For scan field, a user will be able to scan in value instead of entering it manually.
You can also define if user should enter a value in the field, or select from the list.

How do I create mobile forms to collect data on my assets without performing any transactions (for example filling out a quality control form)?

For this you will need to use QR Mobile Data application, which is fully compatible with QR Inventory. It will allow you to create custom mobile forms (such as quality control, maintenance, service, damage report, etc.) that your employees will be able to fill out on a smartphone.

How do I make transaction properties / custom fields to display in a specific order?

Transaction properties and custom fields are displayed in alphabetical order. In order to force a specific order, use a number prefix in front of the field name, for example:

  • 01. Street Address
  • 02. City
  • 03. State
  • 04. Zip
  • 05. Phone

I want to collect some data for the entire transaction, and some for each item in the transaction. How do I do this?

There is a Level field that allows you to do this. Set Level to Transaction Level for the fields that need to be filled out once for an entire transaction. Set Level to Item Level if you want the field to be filled out for each item in the transaction. For example, job number can be a field that will be the same for an entire transaction, but if you want to include notes field where an employee will enter item conditions, this field should be filled out separately for each item in the transaction.

Mobile Data Access

How can I access asset or inventory information in the field?

Select Item Details button, then scan QR code on the item for which you want to access information. Select Check Stock button, then scan QR code in order to check stock in all locations. If item for which you want to check stock is not in front of you, use keyword search to find the required inventory item.