Barcode Equipment And Tools Tracking: Cloud Software And Mobile Application

How to track job site equipment and tools with a smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning

Achieve a complete equipment and tools accountability using QR Inventory cloud software and mobile application. Use QR Inventory mobile application in the field to scan QR code / barcode labels on the equipment with a smartphone, track equipment re-location and record equipment conditions. Access real time equipment and tools location and usage reports via the QR Inventory software web dashboard. Use QR Inventory - Procore integration to automatically send information on the equipment job sites deliveries and check outs to the Procore daily logs.

Barcode Scanning For The Field Equipment Tracking

How to generate and print QR codes for the equipment and tools, or use existing barcodes for the field equipment tracking.

We do not have QR code or barcode labels on the equipment and tools - how can we create equipment barcode labels?

QR Inventory software has a built-in tool that you can use to generate, lay out and print QR code labels for the equipment and tools. Go to the Main Menu->Print QR codes to access the tool. Using QR codes generation tool in QR Inventory software, you can:
  • Print QR codes for the selected tools or equipment, one at a time
  • Bulk generate QR codes for the equipment and tools (you can filter equipment and tools by various parameters to select for which equipment you need to print QR codes), and download a zip archive for the offline printing.
  • Bulk generate QR codes for the equipment and tools, lay out QR codes for the sheet labels, and download ready-to-print pdf file.

Can QR Inventory mobile application read existing barcodes or QR codes on the equipment

Yes, you can use existing barcodes or QR codes with QR Inventory mobile application - assuming that a unique equipment or tool serial number (or any other kind of a unique ID number) is encodes in the existing barcode or QR code. You also should make sure that your existing equipment barcodes are readable with a smartphone camera - there are a lot of different types of 1D barcodes, and not all of them are scannable with the smartphones. You can check if your barcodes are usable by scanning them with any generic barcode scanning mobile application. If a generic mobile application reads your equipment or tool barcode and shows you what is encoded in it, and this is a unique equipment or tool ID - you are in business. Otherwise, you can always generate QR code labels for the tools and equipment in QR Inventory software.

Can we bulk create QR codes for the equipment and tools before we receive them

Yes, you can use QR Inventory software QR code generation tool to pre-print QR codes with the sequential numbers, and use these QR code labels to label equipment and tools when you receive them. You can label and enter a new equipment or tool into the system at the same time using an Initial Entry transaction in QR Inventory mobile application.

Equipment And Tools Tracking In QR Inventory Software

How to manage equipment and tools in the QR Inventory software.

How do we enter equipment and tools in the QR Inventory software?

QR Inventory software provides multiple options that speed up initial equipment and tools entry. If you already have a list of the company equipment and tools in the Excel file, you can bulk import this list into the QR Inventory software. If you do not have a list, you can enter equipment and tools into the system manually via the web dashboard. There is also an option for the bulk asset entry, that allows you to enter multiple assets which are the same in everything except for the serial number fast, without unnecessary repetitions.
With the construction equipment and tools being located at the multiple job sites, you may choose to label the equipment and enter it into the QR Inventory software on the job site using a smartphone. There are several important thing to remember when entering or importing equipment and tools into the QR Inventory software:
  • For tracking equipment and tools as separate units you should enter them into the QR Inventory software as assets, not as inventory.
  • For the serialized equipment and tools, you can enter all information on the equipment once, and paste a list or scan in all serial numbers - use bulk asset entry to do this.
  • If equipment or tools are already labeled, you can use existing barcode or QR Code labels for the field tracking. Barcode / QR code should have a construction equipment or tool unique ID (such as serial number) encoded in it.
  • If company equipment and tools are not labeled, you can generate QR code labels in the QR Inventory software. You can print QR code labels one by one, download zip archive with the QR code labels to print off site, or download ready-to-print pdf file for printing QR codes on the sheet labels.
  • You can also pre-print QR codes with the sequential numbers, and use these labels to label equipment and enter it into the system on site using a smartphone. Once you scan an attached QR code label and enter construction equipment into the system, the QR code on the label is permanently associated with this specific tool or equipment.

How is the bulk assets entry for the equipment or tools is different from the import?

If you have a list of the equipment or tools, you can import this list into the QR Inventory software using the Import link. If you do not have a list and you are entering the equipment / tools into the QR Inventory software manually, you can use Bulk Add Assets for the speedy entry of the serialized equipment. Bulk assets entry allows you to enter all the information on the asset once, and paste / scan in / enter serial numbers for the corresponding assets.

How do I enter an equipment or tool specifications for accessing in the field?

First, you need to decide what specification you need to enter / access through the QR Inventory software and mobile application, and create the corresponding custom fields. Use the Assets & Inventory: Custom Fields link to do this. You can use custom fields to record equipment and tools specifications, ownership, warranty expiration date, last service date, and any other information you need. You can also upload pdf documents on the equipment operations and usage, and images / drawings. Job site employees access equipment information by scanning a QR code label with a smartphone. To review an equipment or tool information online, click on the equipment serial number.

How do we enter custom information for the equipment and tools in QR Inventory software?

You can enter custom information as a part of entering a new equipment into the system, or later on. When you enter a new equipment into the QR Inventory software, you enter base information (equipment serial number, type, etc.) on the first screen, then fill out all custom information and upload image(s) / pdf file(s) on the next screen. You can also enter / change equipment information later by clicking Update Custom Fields link. You can include custom fields in the equipment import file as well.
If you want to upload pdf document(s) or image(s) for the construction equipment, create a custom field or type image / pdf for each image or pdf file that you want to upload.
Users with the right permissions can update equipment information in the field on a smartphone by scanning a QR code / barcode on the equipment, or add additional photos using a smartphone camera.

Barcode Scanning Equipment And Tools Tracking In The Field

How to track construction equipment and tools in the field with a smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning.

What do we need to set up in the QR Inventory software for the field equipment tracking?

The first thing you need to do to start tracking equipment and tools on the job sites is create inventory transaction types. Use the Setup -> Transaction Types link to do this. For the assets, such as construction equipment and tools, you will normally need Check Out and Check In transactions. You can also create other transactions as needed.
Important thing to remember when creating the equipment transaction types:
  • All transactions that track equipment and tools movement within your company, or lease and return transactions if you are leasing construction equipment, should be of type transfer, not in or out. When company employees check work tools in and out, move equipment between the job sites, take and return equipment to the warehouse, or when you lease the construction equipment you are just transferring the assets between the different locations - therefore all these equipment transactions are of type transfer. The only time you may need an inventory transaction of in type is when you are purchasing the new tool or equipment. The only time when you may need an inventory transaction of out type is when you sell the used construction equipment, or dispose an obsolete or broken equipment or a tool.
  • You can select Current Location as from location of the inventory transaction - in this case job site technicians won't need to select from location. QR Inventory software will determine automatically where the equipment / tool is currently located, and use this location.
  • If field employees check out and return construction equipment and tools themselves, you can select Self as to or from location - in this case an equipment or tool will be automatically assigned to the employee who is processing the inventory transaction.
  • Field employees can record any additional data for each inventory transaction, such as project number, job number, equipment or tool conditions, notes, etc.. You can define what data to collect for each inventory transaction via the web dashboard, using the Setup -> Transactions: Trackable Properties link.

How do job site technicians record construction equipment and tools transfers with a smartphone and barcode scanning?

In order to record an equipment or a tool transfer, job site technician will need to log into the QR Inventory mobile application. Once logged in, he selects an inventory transaction to process, from and / or to location(s), enters additional information (such as project number), then scans barcodes or QR codes on the equipment and tools one by one with the smartphone to add them to the transactions. Once all equipment and tools are scanned, he submits the inventory transaction. All inventory transactions recorded on the mobile devices update the central database in real time.

How soon a new location for the equipment or a tool is available in the online reports?

New location of the equipment and tools, and all collected data associated with the inventory transaction are immediately available to all authorized users. Administrators can review current information via the web dashboard, and job site employees - on their smartphones.

Can job site technicians collect a signature for the construction equipment or tool?

Yes, job site technicians can collect digital signatures on the smartphone for all inventory transactions. You need to have an images & signature module in order to do this. Images & signature module allows job site technicians to take photos with a smartphone camera and attach photos to the construction equipment and tools inventory transactions, and collect digital signatures on a smartphone.

Tracking Construction Equipment Service & Maintenance

How to record construction equipment service and maintenance in the field on the samrtphone using mobile forms, and access equipment maintenance records.

Do we need any extra modules for tracking construction equipment and tools service / maintenance?

Yes, for the tracking of the construction equipment or tools service and maintenance you need the mobile data collection module. This module allows you to create custom mobile forms for recording construction equipment service and maintenance. Job site employees will be able to scan a QR code label on the construction equipment to get a required mobile form on a smartphone, fill it out and submit to the server.
Administrators can review construction equipment service and maintenance records via the web dashboard, and job site employees can review construction equipment past service history by scanning a QR code label with a smartphone. Administrators can search construction equipment maintenance records by multiple parameters, review statistical and analytical reports to see a high level picture, and visualize data by creating custom graphs and plots.

Do we receive reminders on the construction equipment preventive maintenance?

Yes, you can opt-in to receive construction equipment and tools preventive maintenance reminders. You can create custom reminders and receive automatic e-mail alerts on any important event: the upcoming preventive maintenance, warranty expiration, etc. You can also receive alerts if the collected data fall outside of the set threshold.

What reports do we get on the construction equipment service / maintenance / inspections?

You get the following reports:
  • Construction equipment maintenance records, searchable by multiple parameters, including filteering of the reports by submitted data.
  • Custom equipment maintenance reports, where you select what data to display and apply very granular filters (e.g. the result of the pressure check on all equipment for the selected time period where the pressure was above the certain parameter).
  • Statistical / analytical reports on any number of the numeric form fields (e.g. min, max, average pressure for a selected time period).
  • Data distribution on any construction equipment form field. This report helps you answer the questions like:
    • what parts were replaced on the construction equipment of a specific type and which parts fail most often
    • how often a construction equipment had been serviced and which equipment required most attention
    • what are the most frequent construction equipment problems
    • which problems re-occur often and what could be the reason
    • how much money did you spend on the construction equipment repairs
    • when it is time to replace a construction equipment instead of servicing it
    • etc., etc.
  • Plots and graph help you better understand and visualize collected data

Tracking Construction Equipment And Tools: Location And Usage Reports.

What information on the construction equipment and tools you get in the QR Inventory software reports. You get the following reports:
  • Construction equipment and tools current location
  • List of the construction equipment on each job site, in the service trucks and in the warehouse(s) / yard / shop
  • Total inventory of each construction equipment type
  • Historic construction equipment and tools location during any time period in the past, number of days in each location, and cost if applicable. Use this report for the job site billing, and for the leased construction equipment billing.
  • Construction equipment and tools transactions history.
  • Construction equipment and tools usage / utilization statistics.

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