Use Variety Of Barcode Types For Inventory & Assets Tracking

QR Inventory supports variety of barcodes: UPC barcodes, QR codes, Datamatrix codes, as well as NFC tags.

Barcodes For Inventory Tracking: UPC Barcodes, QR Codes, Datamatrix Codes, NFC Tags

What barcode types you can use for tracking assets and inventory with QR Inventory software, and which one will work better for your situation.
QR Inventory supports a variety of barcode types (UPC barcodes, QR codes, Datamatrix codes), as well as "radio communication" tags, such as NFC tags. Read this article to find out which barcode / tag will work better for you.

What barcode types can I use with QR Inventory

Can I use both barcodes and QR codes for tracking inventory using smartphone scanning?

Yes, you can use both QR codes and UPC barcodes. If your inventory already has manufacturer's barcodes, you can use them and not re-label inventory.
Important! If you are going to use manufacturer's barcode, please do not forget to enter barcode number printed under a barcode in UPC Barcode Number field. You need to do it if you are importing inventory or enter it manually online. If you are entering inventory on a smartphone, you scan manufacturer's barcode instead of entering it manually.
If your items are not labeled, you can generate, lay out and print QR code labels using QR Inventory built-in tool.

Can I use datamatrix code with QR Inventory?

Yes, QR Inventory will scan datamatrix codes, so you can use them.

What are the advantages of using datamatric code vs QR code?

You may want to use datamatrix codes if your items are very small. Datamatrix codes are more compact, and can be reliably read with a smartphone camera at a smaller size.

Can I use any barcode type with QR Inventory?

You can use all types of barcodes which are scannable with a smartphone camera (most of them are, but not all). If in doubt, try to scan your barcode with any generic barcode scanning application. If you can scan it, you will be able to scan the same barcode using QR Inventory mobile application.

Can I generate all types of barcodes in QR Inventory?

You can only generate QR code labels in QR Inventory. If your items are not labelsed, you can use QR Inventory built-in tool to generate, layout and print QR code labels. If your items are already labeled with a different type of barcode, and it is readable by a smartphone camera (or barcode scanner if this is what you will be using) you can use existing barcodes and save yourself a trouble of labeling inventory.

Can I use my own QR codes?

As long as your own QR codes have a unique number encoded in them, you can use them.
Important! You will need to enter number encoded in the QR code in UPC barcode number field.
If you have something else encoded in your QR code, you still may be able to use it with customization - send us a sample and we will be able to tell you for sure if you can use it and customization cost if applicable.

What if I want to use datamatrix code with QR Inventory since my items are very small?

You will need to generate and print datamatrix code labels elsewhere. Once your items are labeled with datamatrix code labels, you will be able to use them.

What should be encoded in the barcodes that were produced outside of QR Inventory?

Barcodes should encode a unique number for each line item / asset in QR Inventory. This unique number may be the same as your item id, or different, but there should be one-to-one correspondence between a number encoded in a barcode and line item entered in QR Inventory.

How do I scan QR code with a smartphone?

Click Scan Barcode Or QR Code button in QR Inventory mobile application. Keep the phone parallel to the label surface, and move it so that QR code / barcode is entirely within the scanning window. At this point QR code will scan.

Why there are separate fields for Item ID and UPC barcode number?

It is done for the situation when you have your own internal inventory line item number, which may be different from what is encoded in manufacturer's barcode. If it is not the case, enter the same number in both fields. You do not have to enter anything in UPC barcode number field if you are using QR codes generated by QR Inventory.

Using radio-communication tags (NFC, RFID) with QR Inventory

Can I use NFC tags with QR Inventory?

Yes, you can use NFC tags with QR Inventory, and use a smartphone to scan them.

Can I use RFID tags with QR Inventory?

Smartphones do not have native support for scanning RFID tags. If you want to use RFID tags you will need to purchase a separate RFID reader that can be connected to a smartphone.

How can I scan NFC tag with a smartphone?

Just touch NFC tag with a smartphone, and it will scan. Using NFC tags you can touch assets or inventory items one by one, and they will be scanned and added to the inventory transaction batch - no need to click on the scan button and focus the camera for each scan.

Will I be better off using NFC tags or QR codes?

QR code labels are less expensive and easier to print, so unless you have a good reason to use NFC tags QR code labels may be better. You have a good reason to use NFC tags as an alternative to a hand-held barcode scanner if you have high volume inventory transactions. Scanning NFC tag is faster than scanning a QR code label with a smartphone camera - all you need to do is to touch NFC tag with a smartphone. You can find more information on using various technologies for asset and inventory tracking and which one to use in what situation here.

I want to know location of my assets in real time and do not want my employees to scan anything. Is it possible with QR Inventory?

No, in order to track assets with QR Inventory a human has to scan barcode or NFC tag and record location change on a smartphone. There are more expensive technologies (GPS tracking, RFID) that will allow you to do this. You can find more information on various asset tracking technologies here.

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