Mobile Inventory Tracking On Construction Sites

Mobile Inventory Management System For Construction Companies

On-site inventory and materials management is a challenge for construction companies due to the lack of tools for tracking inventory on multiple remote building sites. QR Inventory solves this problem. Employees on the job sites can use QR Inventory mobile application and regular smartphones to track assets, inventory and work tools by scanning QR code or barcode labels on the items. Collected data are sent to a secure cloud and are available to all authorized users in real time, anywhere, on desktop computers or mobile devices.

Construction Work Tools and Equipment Tracking

Misplaced or lost construction tools and equipment could result in a big monetary losses to construction companies. QR Inventory will help you keep tools and equipment under control, create an accountability system where you always know where the tools are, how they are being used, who checked the tool out last, and keep tabs on the tools which were not returned back on time.
With QR Inventory you will be able to track tools and equipment in the warehouse and storage locations, as well as on the multiple construction sites. Using QR Inventory mobile application your employees will check out and check in tools and equipment by scanning QR code, barcode or NFC tag with a smartphone. As soon as tools or equipment change location, are checked in or checked out, central database is updated. All authorized employees have access to the real time information, including current location of the tools and equipment, an entire transactions and usage history, and tools inventory reports.

Use Smartphones To Collect Data In The Field

In addition to tracking tools and equipment location, you may need to track other things which are specific to your company and business workflow. You may need to know for what project, job number or client a tool or checked out equipment is being used. You may want to record tool and equipment conditions on check in and check out, and document equipment conditions with images. You may want to include notes on how the equipment is going to be used. Or you may need to collect any other type of data.
With QR Inventory you will be able to define what exact information you need to collect via a web dashboard, and your employees will have a custom mobile form to fill out when they process tools or equipment transactions. Include an option to enter data manually, select from a list or scan in using a smartphone. Collected data can also include images, signature and GPS location.

Inventory And Materials Management On The Construction Sites

Make sure that you have necessary inventory, parts and materials on all construction sites. Track inventory and materials in the warehouse and on the job sites using a smartphone as QR code / barcode scanner. Record restocking, materials usage and returns of unused materials from the job sites.
Your employees on the construction site can check inventory stock and locations by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.
Administrators in the office have a 360 degree view of all job sites, warehouses and storage locations: current stock, history of all inventory transactions, monetary value of the used inventory and inventory usage statistics.

Mobile Data Access In The Field

You want to make sure that employees know how to handle a specific tool or equipment, have access to the tool specifications and know what to do in case of an emergency. QR Inventory places all the required information on tools and equipment at your employees fingertips. All they need to do is scan QR code or barcode label with a smartphone.
You decide what exact information your employees should be able to access. Create custom fields to hold all required information for the tools and equipment via a web dashboard. Include images, drawings, url to pdf documentation, and all other relevant material. Your employees on the construction site will be able to review this information on their smartphones after scanning QR code or barcode label on the equipment.

Tools And Equipment Repair And Maintenance

Tools and equipment are valueable assets, and you want to keep them in a good shape. Use mobile data collection module to keep track of equipment repairs and maintenance.
Using mobile data collection module, your employees can:
  • Report tools or equipment damage in the field using a smartphone. They will scan equipment QR code to identify it, fill out damage report mobile form, and optionally attach photos documenting the problem. Report becomes instantly available to the right personnel for the immediate actions.
  • Receive automatic e-mail alerts on the next scheduled preventive maintenance or warranty expiration.
  • Record equipment repairs and preventive maintenance in the field using mobile forms on a smartphone. Equipment and tools records are stored in a centralized cloud location and are available to authorized employees from anywhere. You can use multiple filters to find required information fast.
  • Review previously submitted repair and maintenance records.
  • You will be able to create custom mobile forms for recording equipment repair and maintenance via the web interface, and your employees will always have up-to-date forms on their smartphones for data collection and record keeping.
  • If you are using outside repair shops, use a smartphone to record sending tool or equipment to the repair and all necessary details: where it was sent, what was the problem, when the tool should be returned. As with everything else, you can define via a web dashboard what information to record and track.

Tracking Materials Usage And Invoicing

With QR Inventory it is easy to track what parts and materials were used for the project, and invoice a client. Record for which client or project parts and materials were used during inventory transactions - and you will be able to pull out a report with all transactions done for a specific job, project or client. Use accounting module to create customer invoices with one click based on the QR Inventory transactions, and keep track of payments.

Low Inventory Alerts And Purchase Orders

QR Inventory will not let you run out of supplies or materials in the most unfortunate moment. Set re-order point for inventory, globally and / or for the separate warehouses, storage locations and construction sites - and receive low inventory alerts when inventory falls below re-order point. If you are using accounting module, purchase orders will be created automatically. You can manually edit purchase orders if needed, and keep track of fulfillment. Receive materials on the purchase order, in full or partially, and inventory will be updated automatically.

Tools and Equipment Labels And Tags

Using QR Inventory, you will be able to generate and print QR code labels for the tools and equipment. Alternatively, you can use our pre-printed, weather-proof, durable QR code labels. You can also use existing barcode labels if applicable, or NFC tags.

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