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  Modern Inventory Management:
QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Web Based Inventory Management Software With Mobile Inventory Processing

Managing millions of dollars worth of assets and inventory. Efficient way to keep stock under control.
Online assets and inventory management system with an option to track equipment service / maintenance.
Supports QR code, barcode and NFC tags scanning.

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track assets and inventory with a smartphone
Track Inventory & Assets Anywhere With Your Smartphone
No need to buy expensive scanners and connect them to computers. Scan barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags using mobile phones.
qr codes or upc barcodes scanning
Use QR Codes, NFC Tags or UPC Barcodes
Generate and print QR codes for your assets and inventory with built-in QR code generation tool, use manufacturer's barcodes or NFC tags.
real time assets and inventory processing
Connected Cloud - Mobile Inventory System
Inventory and asset transactions performed with a smartphone are stored in the cloud and are immediately available to all authorized devices.
asset and inventory tracking that fits your business
Fit For Your Business
You can create custom transaction types, trackable properties and fields via easy-to-use web interface, making QR Inventory software a perfect fit your business.
using android for nfc inventory tracking
NFC Asset & Inventory Management
Use NFC to process high volume asset and inventory transactions fast. QR Inventory supports NFC tags scanning with Andoid smartphone.
fast asset and inventory transactions
Multiple Storage Locations
Track assets and inventory between warehouses, job sites, service vans, other storage locations and employees.
simple and affordabe inventory software
Simple and Affordable
Avoid complexity and expense of traditional inventory management software. QR Inventory is a modern cloud-based system with mobile assets and inventory processing.
customizable inventory control system
Scalable and Customizable
Customize all information you need to be recorded and reported via the web interface.
integrate with internal software
Accounting Integration
Create purchase orders and invoices based on mobile assets and inventory transactions. QR Inventory is integrated to QuickBooks®, Xero® and Intacct®.
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Leased Equipment Tracking Field Service Companies: Mobile Equipment Tracking, Tools Inventory Management
Keep up-to-the minute track of where your equipment is, when it is coming off the lease, when it will require maintenance. Access and record information in the field using a smartphone. Create custom mobile forms via the web interface. Use QR codes, barcodes or NFC tags to identify the equipment.
Inventory Management For Oil and Gas Inventory and Asset Management for Oil and Gas Companies
Oil and Gas, Drilling and Services companies in the energy sector use QR Inventory because it is the most complete stockroom management system with QR codes, barcodes and NFC scanning technology. Track stock, such as rods, pipes, casings, core barrels, chemical drums, etc., that are stored at multiple warehouses or used at your or customers' job sites.
Inventory Management For Construction Inventory and Asset Management for Construction Companies
QR Inventory lets construction businesses maintain timely and accurate information about location and use of the work tools, receipt of goods and materials, consumption, transfer between sites and status of stock in real time. Use smartphones as scanners and mobile computers, save money on hardware.
Inventory Management For Medical Industry Inventory and Asset Management for Healthcare (Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists)
Using QR Inventory you can keep track of medical supplies (medicine, disposables, etc.), location and usage of medical equipment, and equipment cleaning and maintenance. Your personnel can use smartphones instead of carrying barcode scanners around.
Office / IT Assets Tracking Office / IT Assets Tracking
Track individual electronic items (computers, hard drives, routers, switches, etc.), as well as total number and location of item types. Enter item into software as you label it using a smartphone. Select asset name and group from the list instead of entering it manually. Check office assets in and out using a smartphone, always know who has what and when it is due back.
Asset Tracking For Property Management Inventory and Asset Tracking for Property Management Companies
Keep track of supplies, inventory and materials used for each property. Technicians can access inventory stock and location on the job from their smartphones. Monitor assets for each rented properties by scanning assets with a smartphone. Review inventory and supplies usage trends, financial reports.
Stock Control For Manufacturing Inventory Management For Manufacturing Industry
Monitor inventory levels in multiple warehouses in real time. Work on assembly, disassembly, repair, and other manufacturing job types with greater speed and accuracy. Create and track assemblies and kits, work in progress. QR Inventory is used by a variety of industrial manufacturers to effectively manage raw materials, spare parts inventory, purchasing operations and maintenance, to maximize asset performance and control costs.
Warehouse Inventory Management Warehouse Inventory Management For Wholesale Distribution
Managing your inventory is the primary challenge of running your wholesale business. QR Inventory gives you accurate records of what you have in inventory, so you can determine what you need to order and evaluate which products are most popular. You receive customizable and timely re-order alerts for items running below re-order points. QR Inventory manages multiple warehouses, as well as delivery trucks and inventory locations within warehouses.
Asset Management For Events / Rental Companies Inventory and Asset Management for Events and Rental Companies
QR Inventory lets you keep track of items rented or sent to the events: where they are, what company has them, due dates, etc. You can create custom fields to keep track of other parameters you need. If needed, transfer assets between events bypassing warehouse / storage location. Scan inventory / assets in and out with a smartphone, fill out custom mobile forms and take photos to monitor conditions of rented and returned items.
Inventory Management For Labs Inventory and Asset Management for Laboratory
Manage your lab's inventory by tracking location, quantity, brand, date of purchase, expiration date and much more. Track samples and raw materials, as well as lab made items. Easily create custom fields for the samples to hold all needed information. Authorized lab employees can access sample information and record sample use by scanning QR code label or NFC tag with a smartphone.
Inventory Tracking For Food Industry Inventory & Asset Management For The Food Industry (Restaurants, Bars, Catering)
Create QR code labels for the food items, track usage and expiration dates using a smartphone. Receive alerts when you need to order more food supplies. Keep track of restaurant assets (kitchen appliances, furniture, etc.) using the same software.
Asset and Inventory Management For Hospitality Companies Inventory and Asset Management for Hotels and Hospitality Industry
Keep track or room assets, find out what is missing by scanning assets in the room with a smartphone. Your personnel can track supplies and inventory in the supply rooms using a smartphone. Always know your supplies stock level, receive alerts when supplies are running low.